The first and foremost condition of success: your vocabulary. He refilled the traditional way - read more. And not all in a row, and mostly well-written art books. By the way, this game has its participants favor developing their vocabulary and enlarging their vocabulary. Not immediately, of course, and with experience over time.
But to win, of course, always want at once, but in this case, unless there is some capacity at the initial stage, have a little patience.
The second thing you should pay attention to is tactics and tricks.
Remember that like in any other game on the opponent, he can see the same as you, so you need to calculate the possible moves ahead. Estimate for yourself the best deals, where to deliver the letter to distract his attention from the more complex and long term on the more obvious. In turn, your opponent can use such tricks in relation to you.
In the process of miscalculations occupies a special place such reflections on the last move of the game: it may happen that walking is just nothing. This is doubly frustrating if such a course will get you, not your opponent. So at this point we should pay attention.
The third important point: a variety of moves in the long-term and other combinations.
Like chess, you can try to hold a multi-combination, when you are outlining a long way, while hardly noticeable on the playing field, and will gradually go to its restoration. The main thing - not to get involved and not get stuck on one word because it can lead to reconcentrate relative to the rest of the playing field and, as a result, stupid mistakes and miscalculations. In the end, the enemy may calculate your hand and catch it, so you need to try not to let him know that too high speeds and other external moments and try to disguise their intentions.
As you can see, psychology plays a big role here. Does your emotion can force the opponent to look into the current state of Affairs in the game that might disrupt your plans.