The game "magician. Enchanted city" has several scenarios. Predict what you find, it is impossible, rune stones can hide in any of the 12 cards. So you need to check each of them.
Go to a map of the Cemetery. On her right is a statue of a wizard standing on the podium, on the wall that hides one of the four rune stones.
Visit the Museum of ancient creatures. In one of the rings floating in the water snake, which are located above his head can be hidden rune stone.
You can find the stone in the center of the city. It's hidden in the left shop window over the green bubble with the letter "PI".
One of the Runestones is located on the map of the temple. In the center is a large arch of the ancient Cathedral, over her right hand hid the rune stone under the crown.
The rune stone can hide in the dark tower. On this map its looking for the right side, on the wall, under the Cup.
The map of the Crypt looking stone near a large parrot on his left above the helmet of the skeleton.
On the field also can hide the rune stone. He is in the right part of the map, between the brown and red boxes.
In the valley located between the two columns on the bottom right of the map. The rune stone should be hiding near the water.
The map of the old barn the rune stone is located in the upper left corner, near the radio, or on the wall over the bread.
Rune stone can be hidden in the attic. Look in the thread of the old wardrobe in the top left corner, or between a cockroach and a red cap of Santa Claus.
In the haunted house search for the rune stone in the lower right corner of the screen next to the shoulder blade or on the fireplace just above the cat.
On the map office the stone is in a closet on the third shelf from the bottom, near the vial of blue liquid.