Before you start creating your own vehicle, it is desirable to examine the structure of commercially available machines, and previously created a homemade car. Take in the library collection of journals "Technique of youth" from 1980 to 1990. There you can find some workable designs, pictures, and stories of authors self-made cars.
Specify legal requirements for homemade vehicles. For the monitored parameters include: motor power track, the number of passengers. The same requirements are applied to active and passive safety home-made cars. Try to include all the requirements in the design.
Design the car. Identify the main design parameters: the number of wheels, drive type, engine location, and others. Fix adopted design solutions in the form of drawings. Calculate the mass of the vehicle, the load on each wheel. Make a specification of purchased parts.
Acquire the necessary parts. You can use parts taken from old cars. Try to buy items of good quality. Stay tuned then to purchased parts fit to each other. Don't forget to purchase a motor and transmission oil, coolant.
Collect the car from the previously purchased parts according to designed drawings. Try to use welded and not bolted joints. When assembling, pay attention to the ensuring of the mechanical strength of the structure.
You must register the vehicle as without registration you will not be able to drive in public roads. Try to register to get friends in the traffic police, which could assist with the registration of the vehicle. Pass all the essential examination and get the technical certificate for the car.