Advice 1: How to win at backgammon

As in any other game, in backgammon, has its own peculiarities and regularities by which we can reduce the result of the game in their favor. At the initial stage, movement of the checkers are not critical. To win, it is always important to find a balance between movement, cover and blocking movement of the enemy.
How to win at backgammon
You will need
  • - Narde;
  • - the opponent.
See to it that your opponent has not captured more than 3 consecutive positions in your upper side. It will be a great advantage. Do it yourself!
Put the sword from the head on position six. This is necessary in order to quickly get into the 3rd quarter. Otherwise, this would be much more difficult.
Get ready from the very beginning of the game, rolling a double (Kush). Make sure that checkers is located in the best places. When you get jackpot, you will need to urgently make a move. It would be a shame if you miss it.
Cover the moves of the enemy in motion when the checkers closer to the 1st quarter. Try to grab even more points.
Grab the first senior wells (4, 5, 6 moves from the top) and roll the dice, if you have the current situation. Immediately build a "fence" checkers without gaps. The denser they will stand, the harder they will be to drive the enemy.
Cover your pieces, not allowing the opponent to isolate them. Try to stay in the middle, not the edge. Move to the side of the house, thus occupying a minimum of 2 seats at the head of his opponent.
If you could not build a fence in the head of an opponent, start the moves towards "home", where is possible to quickly start the reset. Heap occupy the "house" in the middle.
Loosen the defense and start working on Mars, i.e., take on a course of the opponent's head four seats out of six. It will greatly weaken his position and will reduce the chances of winning.
Remember that interlocking pieces, you thereby reduce his inventory of moves and limit the possibilities in tactics. Therefore, it is better to weaken security than to capture the points in his head. This strategy is justified!
Watch your opponent. He, with great probability, too, will use the same tactics to capture space. Try to anticipate his actions and to capture key positions.
You can train to play backgammon online.
Useful advice
Learn to play with professional opponents, you will quickly learn how to build your strategy.

Advice 2 : How to easily learn to play backgammon

To learn the game of backgammon, do not have to hire a professional or to enroll. Just enough to understand the rules of the game, and the experience will come with time. Today there are many varieties of backgammon, but they all obey the basic rules.
How to easily learn to play backgammon
The game with a long history, born in Persia and became popular all over the world - backgammon, children in the Islamic world taught from childhood. And the thing is that in the treatises that have survived almost from the time of prophet Muhammad, the game is called the best exercise for the mind. Backgammon really develop logic and memory, promote concentration.

The details correct backgammon

To begin the game, you will need 15 pieces for each player. A special Board used in this game has two pieces of the same 6 holes on the short side. This side consists of "items" presented in the form of elongated, narrow triangles. These triangles each player has 24 pieces with a specific numbering. The main task in this game is to rearrange the checkers in to your house, after which they are removed or "removed" from the playing field.

To prioritize the progress players will need to roll the dice, and which of them will drop a higher number starts the game first.

The movement of checkers in backgammon

Players have a fixed direction of movement of the checkers, but they must always move in a circle. Before any player makes a move, you need to roll the dice (the cubes are numbered from 1 to 6 sides) on the Board so that they do not burst out of her and hooked checkers. Otherwise the throw will be repeated. It is also worth noting that in one move checkers can move not once, but four times, but you must move your pieces strictly by the number of dropped points on the dice.

When you play different kinds of backgammon checkers can move in different ways, but always they need to move according to the quantity that fell on the two dice. The dice does not stack: first on points one bone can move, and then on the other. If you roll a double, then the number of steps is doubled.
The double call of the same combination of numbers on the two dice (cubes).

Play to win

All the moves are mandatory and the player could not refuse even from him unfavorable movement. But there are cases when checkers move is impossible, in this case the course is passed. This game may not be anyone, not necessarily one player wins, one who has managed faster opponent to move all pieces on the field from one part to another, and then remove them from the Board. In case of victory the player gets 1 point or 2 points, when the second player has not had to endure the Board any of his checkers.

If the number of points is compared, it is necessary to make another attempt. In the case of continued game (the second game) begins to walk to the player who last time won.
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