It would seem that jeans are durable "indestructible" pants, but the crotch and at the seams they are wiped often enough. Is it possible somehow to prevent or slow down this process? There are several reasons why the jeans fabric begins to thin and tear.

Weight and features of the figure

It has long been observed that the fastest jeans wear out between the legs of obese people. This is because in walking feet are touching, legs rubbing against each other. As a result, first appear fading, and then the holes in those places where the fabric is strongly stretched. The same problem exists and those who are engaged in power sports. Inflated muscles of the hips are the reason that the fabric of jeans is experiencing excessive load faster and thinner.

Quality fabric and sewing features of the product

Jeans are often torn between the legs, if they are made of low quality material, and high cost of things and a well-known label, the label is not always indicative of its impeccable quality. Much depends on the particular manufacturer and from those tissues, with whom he used to work.

The reason the gaps may be in the wrong cut of jeans, when not taken into account the direction of the grain lines. Then the details are constantly deformed, and the fabric is strongly stretched while walking.

Particular care for jeans

Failure to comply with requirements for the care of the product, the fabric is also quickly wears out, and jeans are starting to fray. The thing should be washed and ironed in the designated shortcut mode, not using the forbidden methods of purification.

How to extend the life of jeans

Any jeans will ever wear out if they to wear. Even something high quality will not last forever, so it is advisable to have in the wardrobe a couple of jeans in order to change them periodically.

To avoid fading, it is possible to buy jeans fabric, which is synthetic fibers. Jeans "stretch" will be a bit of stretch to the hips and legs free to embrace the shape. Can be worn under jeans tight underwear to reduce the volume of the body and create a between the legs extra layer of fabric.

Those who are repeatedly faced with this problem, usually immediately after the purchase of the jeans appeal in the Studio or on your own patch sewn on the reverse side, using the sliding panels fabric type mantle and nylon thread to match the piece for strength. If you blame excess weight, it is advisable to get rid of him, and until that happens, wear jeans instead of the usual pants or skirts.