You will need
  • - Scissors;
  • - applications;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • pieces of fabric or leather.
In order to mend a hole in jeans, first choose a piece of fabric, similar in color and texture. They often remain after the correction of the length of the pants.
Before applying the cloth to the jeans, give the hole a certain shape – a square or rectangular. On the reverse side of the pants, attach a piece of cloth and keen. Then left to zigzag stitch or a simple stitch.
You can sew a hole in jeans with scraps of fabric in different textures. This patch will look more original and stylish. For men it is possible to make a patch of leather or other tough material, women prefer chiffon and organza. The color of thread should match and be fully in harmony with the fabric and color. If one patch looks not very harmonious, can make a few more careless in the form of patches, so you will support the selected style.
To mend a hole in jeans, quite comfortable to use an application a variety of desired shapes and colors that you can buy in a specialty fabric store. This applique has an adhesive base so it is easy enough to glue with a hot iron. Sorry, this item is short-lived, as practice shows, it can come off after several washings. So it makes sense to grab the appliqué with a few stitches from the edges.
If the jeans torn in the corner, then they can be neatly darned. Use thread the same color. In some cases it makes sense to choose a few shades of thread or to rotate them together.