Before coloring wash jeans, you need to soak them in warm water. In the first wash you will notice that the water became blue almost immediately. This does not mean that you have purchased jeans of low quality or that after washing, they are dull and ugly. Just this removes the excess paint, and this is a normal process. Soaking contributes to the rapid excretion of excess, and hence makeup they will be smaller. However, never leave the jeans in the water longer than half an hour, it can lead to deterioration of the properties of the fabric.

Manufacturers advise to wash the pants by hand, turning them inside out. Pour into a bowl a little powder and add a Cup of salt. Such a solution contributes not only to the fact that the jeans would be less to paint, but that will be much faster removed stubborn dirt.

Rinse jeans several times. It is best to lay them on the bottom of the bath and include relatively warm water. Rinse the pants out of the shower under a lot of pressure. After that, turn the jeans upside down and repeat the same. Next, lower the temperature of the water and again repeat the procedure on both sides.

At the last rinse add water 3 tablespoons of vinegar. This composition is suitable not only jeans, but also any other fading things. Submerge the pants in the solution and wring out several times, not unscrewing.

Pay special attention to the process of drying the pants. It is not necessary to bend them across the line. To leave traces and will increase the drying time. Turn the pants inside out and pin them on a rope for a belt. So it dries quickly because water will be easier to drain. If my dripping bluish water, it is best for jeans to substitute any vessel with a small amount of water. This will help you to keep the tub from staining and will save you from having to spend time cleaning.