Think about what led to the appearance of age spots. First and foremost, it can be improper care and failure to comply with hygiene standards. Also spots are often the result of fading, much less symptoms of any disease. If you were able to establish the cause and start working on its eradication.
First of all, to get rid of stains between your legs will help with everyday care. Regularly take a shower, carefully dry pigmented areas.
Apply various creams containing vitamin C, antioxidants or hydroquinone. Well help you solve your problem funds with cucumber extract.
Use one of the many traditional methods. For example, apply to the dark spots of slices of fresh lemon. No less effective is the composition, in equal proportions prepared with vinegar, lemon juice and horseradish.
Daily wipe the skin with salicylic alcohol.
Cleans spots zinc ointment, but it is quite harmful. So do not abuse its use.
If the cause of the spots between her legs began fading, so it is necessary to solve the issue of excess weight. If it suits you, try to frequently change underwear.
With proper skin care and weight loss pigmentation gradually goes away.
When neither method helps to get rid of stains between your legs, you should consult a specialist or dermatologist. Perhaps the reason for their appearance are more serious.