Indications for use hypertonic enemas

Hypertonic enema is an excellent remedy for constipation protogenic. The procedure causes a rush of the tissue fluid in the cavity of the intestine through the wall. Liquefies intestinal contents, and peristalsis increases. Hypertonic enema is also included in the complex therapy of diseases associated with venous congestion in the lower extremities and in the abdominal cavity.

Therapeutic effect is manifested due to the suction in the lumen of the intestine stagnant fluid. The result is reduced blood pressure, swelling disappear, decreasing intracranial pressure, be less hemorrhoids. Elimination of venous stasis in the pelvic organs is a positive impact on the condition of the female and male reproductive organs. Hypertonic enema is used in case of a sharp increase in blood pressure along with gipertermiceski baths for hands and feet.

How to put a hypertensive enema

As a solution to enema used by sulphate of magnesia, common salt, 20%-s ' solutions of sodium sulfate or magnesium. Most often used a 5% solution of sodium chloride. To prepare it, mix a tablespoon of salt in 200 ml of warm water. The water temperature should be 24-26oC.

Hypertonic enema is put through pear (rubber balloon) or with a syringe through the catheter. The tip of the catheter or pears must be lubricated with vaseline. Lie on your left side, bend your knees and insert the tip of a pear or catheter into the anus. The solution should be administered slowly. Then roll onto your back and try to keep the solution for 20 minutes for the best effects. Wait for the urge to defecate and go to toilet.

Hypertonic enema: contraindications

Such assets have a strong irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the intestines, so apply hypertonic enema is necessary only in case of emergency. The procedure is contraindicated in fractures, ulcers, inflammation of rectum and sigmoid.

It is impossible to use it for gastro-intestinal bleeding, acute inflammation in the anus, acute and bleeding hemorrhoids, malignant tumors in the rectum, abdominal pain of unexplained nature. This procedure is contraindicated in children. You cannot use an enema for constipation. With long-term recurring delays chair must consult a doctor to find out and eliminate the cause of the disease.