You will need
  • Mug Esmarch;
  • Sol;
  • - boiled water;
  • - vinegar;
  • - vaseline or vegetable oil.
Enema well soften the stool, promote their smooth exit. Assigned to enema salt chronic constipation or in severe cases, but only for health reasons. Widely used saline solution for weight loss. The salt creates in the intestinal alkaline environment, thereby enhances the cleansing process. The solution is slowly absorbed in intestinal mucosa, longer at the destination.
In medicine usually make a solution of two teaspoons of salt and one liter of water. When this salt must first dissolve in a small amount of hot boiled water, then bring to desired volume. If you suffer from chronic constipation, then you will need to douche with vinegar (half a liter of water is taken tablespoon of vinegar and teaspoon of salt). To enhance the effect, you can not take ordinary table salt and morshinskaya, Carlo or English.
The temperature of the solution should match the body temperature. Cold water causes spasms of the intestine, obstruction of the administration. Heat water rapidly absorbed in the large intestine. The number of solution at one enema should be 1-2 liters, no more, this will be enough to cleanse the colon. To carry out this manipulation is best in a relaxed atmosphere. Well suited for these purposes bathroom. Fill the mug Esmarch saline solution and suspend (capacity should be placed above your torso at 1-1,5 meters).
Lubricate the tip with vaseline or vegetable oil. Lie on your right side or take the knee-elbow position, gently insert the tip into the rectum for a distance of 5-7 cm. Then open the tap and enter the water in the intestines. To prevent rapid infusion of the solution, periodically pinch the hose with your fingers. Then, remove the tip and hold inside the liquid for 5-10 minutes. In the end, empty the intestines some time to rest.
In no case do not overdo the enemas, as this procedure not only effectively cleanses the intestines, but also flushes the body of many useful minerals. This disturbed microflora in the gut, to go to the toilet is difficult, there are difficulties with voiding, and constipation. Therefore, to conduct such manipulation is necessary only in case of emergency, no more than once a week and only on prescription.