Advice 1: How to do an enema by yourself

Enema is the procedure of introducing liquids into the colon using a variety of devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Enema is a serious medical intervention in the functioning of the intestine, their uncontrolled use can lead to serious problems.
How to do an enema by yourself
Enemas are therapeutic and medicinal and cleansing. Testimony to the appointment of enema are constipation more than 3 days, various poisoning, preparation for research and operations of the intestine and others. Contraindications for the production of enemas are: inflammatory diseases in the anus, hemorrhoids, cancer, bowel disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal pain of unknown origin, inflammatory diseases of the small intestine and colon.
There are two methods of holding enemas: simple, using the pear as enemas and complex, using a mug Esmarch. Be very careful to put yourself an enema, need to have certain skills and considerable skill. Enema you can put yourself as at home and in the hospital under the supervision of the nurse or doctor.
For the production of enemas at home you will need a punching bag or mug Esmarch (they are sold in every pharmacy). Can be used for enemas large rubber hot water bottle. Before purchasing or warmer mug Esmarch, be sure to check the composition of the entire set, as many of them are sold without lugs and taps (clamp) hose. Before applying the tip which will be introduced in the anus, should be thoroughly boiled for at least 30 minutes. Water for enema use boiled, clean, room temperature. Note: if the water temperature is equal to body temperature (+37S), the intestine will be reduced and two liters of water, which you enter, just absorbed in the intestine as normal drinking water. It is impossible to hold the enema with hot water (temperature above +40 C), so as you can burn intestinal mucosa.
Before the procedure the mug Esmarch filled with 1-2 liters of boiled water at room temperature, you can also add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. A mug or a rubber bottle raise up, and the tip dipped down. At this time, the entire system is filled with water and there goes all the air. The valve on rubber tube cover. The easiest way to put self enema: get on all fours, heads down, with one hand insert the tip, greased with vegetable oil or vaseline to a depth of 5 cm and open the tap on the hose. The head during the procedure it is necessary to keep everything down. After you enter all the water in the intestines, remove the tip and try another 5-10 minutes to keep the water inside. After the procedure, a mug Esmarch and the tip must be washed with warm water and soap. Additionally, the tip is boiled for at least 30 minutes.

Advice 2 : How to do an enema

Cleansing enema is used for persistent constipation for the release of the intestine, and also from the accumulated toxins with the purpose of General cleansing of the body. Often the indication for enema is a vital necessity in case of poisoning of the body, and an aid when preparing for operations, surveys, treatment of gynecological diseases and diseases of the rectum.
Mug Esmarch
You will need
  • For the production of an enema is needed: mug Esmarch or syringe, boiled water (1,5-2 liters) temperature of the body, vaseline or vegetable oil, wool, cloth, a bowl or bucket, sometimes for the best result in 2 liters of water add a spoonful of grated washing soap. A similar action in the same proportions have glycerin or vegetable oil.
For the introduction into the intestine of a large amount of water, use mug Esmarch. Prepare a tripod or other means to lock at 1 meter above the level of the patient. Fill a mug with water. If necessary, add soap or oil. Lubricate the tip with oil or vaseline. Opening the faucet, or clamp, release the air and under water, close.
Lay the patient on the couch, pre-covered with oilcloth, the edges of which should hang in a bowl or bucket. The position of the patient should be on the left side with legs bent and tightened to the stomach feet.
The fingers of one hand, spread the buttocks, and the other hand insert the tip into the anus for 2 cm toward the umbilicus and then parallel to the spine. Open the valve or clamp a mug Esmarch and gradually add all the liquid. The flow rate can be adjusted by the position of the mug. The higher the circle, the faster the water flows, however, the rapid flow of water can cause pain and premature urge to defecate.
After infusion of water, before retracting tip ask the patient to squeeze buttocks and the anus. Despite the urge of defecation, it is desirable to withstand time in 5-10 minutes, for admission of water to all sections of the intestine and the best of its liberation from the stool. The used probe should be treated and boiled.
In the treatment of gynecological diseases or diseases of the rectum, when it is sufficient to release the feces from the lower intestine, cleansing enemas can be done with a syringe with a plastic tip. A technique of setting the same.
How to make <strong>enema</strong>
In some diseases of the rectum and anus (hemorrhoids, fissures), and ulcerative processes of the intestinal mucosa or acute pain in the abdomen to put an enema is contraindicated.

Advice 3 : Why the need for hypertonic enema and how to put right

Hypertonic enema is assigned with regular delays stool, edema of different origin. The procedure has a good laxative effect without abrupt changes of intestinal motility.
Why the need for hypertonic enema and how to put right

Indications for use hypertonic enemas

Hypertonic enema is an excellent remedy for constipation protogenic. The procedure causes a rush of the tissue fluid in the cavity of the intestine through the wall. Liquefies intestinal contents, and peristalsis increases. Hypertonic enema is also included in the complex therapy of diseases associated with venous congestion in the lower extremities and in the abdominal cavity.

Therapeutic effect is manifested due to the suction in the lumen of the intestine stagnant fluid. The result is reduced blood pressure, swelling disappear, decreasing intracranial pressure, be less hemorrhoids. Elimination of venous stasis in the pelvic organs is a positive impact on the condition of the female and male reproductive organs. Hypertonic enema is used in case of a sharp increase in blood pressure along with gipertermiceski baths for hands and feet.

How to put a hypertensive enema

As a solution to enema used by sulphate of magnesia, common salt, 20%-s ' solutions of sodium sulfate or magnesium. Most often used a 5% solution of sodium chloride. To prepare it, mix a tablespoon of salt in 200 ml of warm water. The water temperature should be 24-26oC.

Hypertonic enema is put through pear (rubber balloon) or with a syringe through the catheter. The tip of the catheter or pears must be lubricated with vaseline. Lie on your left side, bend your knees and insert the tip of a pear or catheter into the anus. The solution should be administered slowly. Then roll onto your back and try to keep the solution for 20 minutes for the best effects. Wait for the urge to defecate and go to toilet.

Hypertonic enema: contraindications

Such assets have a strong irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the intestines, so apply hypertonic enema is necessary only in case of emergency. The procedure is contraindicated in fractures, ulcers, inflammation of rectum and sigmoid.

It is impossible to use it for gastro-intestinal bleeding, acute inflammation in the anus, acute and bleeding hemorrhoids, malignant tumors in the rectum, abdominal pain of unexplained nature. This procedure is contraindicated in children. You cannot use an enema for constipation. With long-term recurring delays chair must consult a doctor to find out and eliminate the cause of the disease.
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