In which case, it is douche to a little kid?

Enema is a technique, which consists in introducing into the rectum of a substance in a cleansing or medicinal purposes. For small children it is done in the case of chronic constipation, choosing the volume of the treatment means by age:
- 25 ml – for babies;
- 30-40 ml infants 1 to 2 months;
- 60 ml children 2-4 months;
- 100-120 ml in children 6-9 months of age;
- 120-180 ml – from 9 months to 1 year.

If a child cannot recover for several days in a row and screaming in pain in the tummy, immediately to do an enema is not necessary – you should consult with your pediatrician in order to exclude such pathologies as:
- infringement of internal hernias;
- inflammation of the lungs;
- volvulus;
- acute appendicitis etc.

Constipation in infancy are often symptoms of many serious diseases. But if the doctor did not reveal any abnormalities in the health of the baby and allowed to make an enema, then you must follow his recommendations.

How to prepare a solution for enema designed baby?

The main component enema is boiled water the temperature of which should range from 25-27 degrees.
To prepare a cleansing enema need water at room temperature. Water with temperature above 35 degrees is absorbed by the gut and cause cramping cool.
Most often for the preparation of an enema in her dissolve ordinary table salt at the rate of 0.5 teaspoon to 1 Cup boiled water. Good cleaning effect and has a mixture prepared from 200 ml of boiled water and 1 teaspoon of glycerin. Another common variant is the soap solution, which will be filled with the enema. To make it in the right amount of boiled water put a small piece of children's soap and stir the water until fluffy foam.

How to do an enema to a little kid?

If enema necessary for the baby age of 1 year, it is placed on your back and lift legs up. Before you enter the solution from the rubber bulb, first should release the air. Then the tip is gently introduced into the anus, as if making way to the navel of the baby, and then hold it parallel to the spine.
Quickly softening the fecal mass help mineral, sunflower or hemp oil. It is heated to a temperature of 37 degrees and injected by means of a rubber pear.

If the child's body reacted to the first portion of the solution intestinal spasm, continue to enter the solution should not be. Please allow the intestine to relax a little, waiting for a few minutes, and then continue with the procedure. After the gradual introduction of the whole volume of the solution buttocks of the child clenching the left hand, and the tip is extracted from the anus. To prevent leakage of the solution buttocks will have to hold tight from 5 to 15 minutes. This will be enough time to soften the stool. As soon as the baby recovers, it is necessary to wash away.