Factors affecting cat's appetite

Cats are very sensitive to changes in lifestyle. Even family problems can affect them. The change of residence, the usual rearrangement of furniture in the room, something not any new bowl may cause poor appetite or refusal to eat. And if the house has a new pet, cats can experience a real depression. In times of stress, usually the animal does not seem sick, is active. In this case, the appetite should come back soon: after getting used to the change.

Pets can "strike" against the change of diet: a new taste and smell, even the other form of granules and the consistency of the finished feed sometimes cause a cat to refuse to eat. It is better to accustom the animal to new food, gradually adding to its usual food.

On cat's appetite can be affected by the surrounding temperature. On hot summer days, animals often reduced interest in food. The resident in the apartment the cats are able to respond to home climate at any other time of the year, for example, in winter, when connecting radiators and heaters.

Manifestation of the sexual instinct also affects the appetite of the home four-legged friend. For cats fasting period ends very quickly, and cats during the sexual inclination can even a week to refuse food. Much to worry about in this case is not: once the cat's hormones to calm down, the animal will return to the usual diet.

Cats can arrange a "fasting day". As a rule, the reason for this are indigestible food or overeating. Even resentment for refusing to pet or play with them owners sometimes cause day hunger strike for the cat.

Not causing any harm to the periods of starvation depend on the age and health of a pet. For example, a young healthy animal can survive 5 days without food, and the little kitty is only a day. Importantly, at this time used the required amount of liquid.

Having access to a street cat can find food by yourself. And not uncommon to have good neighbors who like to feed "smaller brothers". In this case, returning from a walk the cat may not show interest in food from home.

Poor appetite is a sign of illness

Cat not eating, if you have a painful condition. Illness manifests itself in behavior and in appearance of the animals: they seem sluggish, lethargic, lose their usual cheerfulness. Look closely, not hair injury or wound, not stuck anything in the ear, do not hurt teeth or gums. The cat can bother and parasites.

The disease can be very different in the first place, gastrointestinal disorders, worm infestation. Any symptoms such as fever, painful abdomen, abnormal stool, etc., should cause anxiety of the owner. Self-treatment may aggravate the situation, therefore, in any case desired the assistance of a veterinarian. It is important to establish the correct diagnosis, to carry out the necessary tests, and then prescribe treatment.