Advice 1: What to do if cat vomits bile

Vomiting in cats may begin for a variety of reasons. The animal can be poisoned by poor nutrition or has a disease of the stomach. Vomiting can occur after contact with a foreign object in the stomach or if it has worms.
What to do if cat vomits bile
Vomiting in cats is a protective function during intoxication. It can start with a variety of infectious diseases. Calicivirus, or cat plague is always accompanied by vomiting bile.

Causes of vomiting

The beginning of a viral or infectious disease may be accompanied by vomiting with bile, so the liver cleanses the blood from bacteria and toxins in their life. Every day vomiting bile will become more often until the treatment.

The change of feed can cause vomiting. The liver is not always able to cope with the increased nutrition of a new type of food. When this occurs vomiting, first cat vomits food masses in the future – with bile.

Foreign body in the stomach too, is one of the reasons for vomiting. Cats love to play with small parts, easily swallowing them. If the item will pass through the intestinal tract, it will come naturally. If it stayed in the stomach, vomiting of bile are inevitable.

Help with vomiting

If the cat vomits, the owner should assist him. After a single vomiting it is necessary to observe further behavior. Perhaps the cat in the stomach of accumulated hair, so he gets rid of it.

If you frequently vomit bile, you must go to a veterinary clinic. In this case vomiting may be the cause of the outbreak of an infectious disease. The cat will take tests and prescribe treatment.

Vomiting if poisoning has a positive effect, as the body gets rid of poison. The doctor should prescribe toxic drugs treatment that will stop the vomiting in of the animal. In cases of poisoning strong poisons, the disease is fulminant. In such cases, the cat dies a few hours, if not go to the clinic.

Vomiting may begin due to heavy worm infestation, along with bile can get worms. The doctor prescribes symptomatic treatment and anthelminthic drugs. Only a comprehensive treatment will help the animal.

Vomiting with bile, you need to assign the cat starvation diet for a day, water is given ad libitum. You must trace the moment, and then began vomiting as food poisoning may be the cause.

Yourself to help the cat by using drugs, "Reglan", "Smectite" or "Enterosgel". It is necessary in the day to go to the clinic to identify the cause of vomiting. Not knowing root cause, you can harm the animal. The clinic will have identified the cause and prescribe treatment.

Advice 2 : What to do if a cat is sick

Nausea and vomiting are common in cats. It can occur if the animal eats quickly and in large quantities, due to the ingestion of wool and different herbs during pregnancy and when traveling in public transport. If your animal is vomiting occurs after each meal and after that pet looks ill, an urgent need to look for the cause of the problem.
What to do if a cat is sick

Causes a gag reaction in cats

The most common cause of vomiting in cats is common wool. This is due to the fact that every day they lick their fur, thereby purifying it. Therefore it is no surprise that the clumps of wool into the stomach of your pet and begin to irritate the digestive tract.
At the pet store to buy a tool for the prevention of hairball formation in the stomach and intestines of a cat. If you notice that your favorite often licks the fur, begin to give her this tool.

The following is the cause of vomiting in cats is based on eating speed of eating. It is seen most often in cases where the owners have two or more cats. The fact is that animals can compete with each other and eat as much food as possible, not only in his bowl, but in the next. In this case it is necessary to feed animals in separate rooms.

Natural cause of vomiting in cats is eating plants. Cats do it to specifically to cause a gag reaction, cleansing through vomiting your body.
It is also possible that the break between meals the animal is too big. In order not to overload the stomach of the cat, feed her more frequently but in small portions.

In addition, nausea and vomiting can cause a normal trip, because most cats are very quickly swayed in transport. To avoid this, you need to give up feeding before you leave and give a special medication for motion sickness. To purchase such a tool in veterinary pharmacy.

How would it sounds strange, but pregnancy can also cause a gag reaction. Typically, this occurs in the third week of "interesting situation" when the body of a cat undergoes various hormonal changes. But after a few days the vomiting passes.

The presence of worms also can cause nausea in cats. If that's the reason, an urgent need to go to the doctor-veterinarian. He will recommend a special medicine which will help your pet.

When nausea and vomiting in cats are a danger?

Remember that gag reaction may become dangerous for the animal. So you need to immediately consult a doctor in cases where:
the cat looks tired and lethargic after vomiting;
- vomit has blood or a foreign body;
cat vomit more than two times;
- gag reaction occurs regardless of the meal.

If you have any one of these symptoms in the near future bring your pet to the vet. The doctor should very accurately describe the condition of the animal. For example, how many times a day sick cat, smell, composition and color vomit, and good appetite in an animal, whether it is drinking water. In addition, you need to prepare all the documents about the diseases suffered by the cat, and made her vaccinations.

You need to always remember that life, health and well-being of the animal is largely dependent on the owner. And so it is important to pay careful attention to your pet.

Advice 3 : Why sick kitten

If the kitten is sick, you first need to find out the cause of vomiting. It is possible that it is disposable in nature and nothing terrible happens, but there is always the risk that he was sick and he urgently needed professional help.
Why sick kitten
Most often a kitten can feel sick if he ate too much. This happens when a hungry baby put too much food. This vomit often has a one-time nature. But if the kitten is constantly throwing up after eating, then it needs to show the vet, because the reasons for this phenomenon may be disorders of the digestive system and other diseases, both genetic and acquired.
If the kitten is sick, it can be a symptom of the presence of the parasites. A symptom of this is the appearance of worms in vomit. It is very dangerous to health and life pet. Timely deworming will prevent worm infestation, so you need to go to the vet for appropriate treatment.
Kitten vomiting can be due to improper feeding. This can happen when feeding a cheap feed or food from the table. Over time, the baby is a violation of the digestive system, then vomiting will become permanent. In such a situation, it is transferred to the dietary feed and give probiotics, restoring the microflora.
Poisoning can also cause vomiting. The kitten is the same child, curious and playful, he will want to try the clove. Therefore, anything that can cause harm to the health of the crumbs, it is best to keep in an inaccessible place for him. In addition, many houseplants are toxic to Pets. If the pet was poisoned, an urgent need to give him the sorbent and to call the doctor.
Sometimes a kitten can eat cat litter, and it is very dangerous. In this case, he begins strong vomiting and diarrhea, resulting in dehydration. As aid baby give drugs by injection to full recovery.
Vomiting the kitten may be a sign of disease. For example, it can be a serious infectious disease. Therefore, if he does not vaccinate against the infection and there are severe vomiting with diarrhea and a high temperature – immediately call your vet.
Nausea the kitten can be from an excess of wool. Animals lick, wool clogs the stomach and intestines, eventually, nausea. To help during the moulting period they are given malt paste promotes natural conclusion of wool from the body and eliminates vomiting.
Vomiting and nausea the kitten can be caused by a large number of causes and be safe or calling fatal, your task in a timely manner to determine the cause of poor health of your pet and provide him with the necessary assistance.
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