Vomiting in cats is a protective function during intoxication. It can start with a variety of infectious diseases. Calicivirus, or cat plague is always accompanied by vomiting bile.

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Causes of vomiting

Что делать, если у кошки пироплазмоз

The beginning of a viral or infectious disease may be accompanied by vomiting with bile, so the liver cleanses the blood from bacteria and toxins in their life. Every day vomiting bile will become more often until the treatment.

что делать если кошку тошнит

The change of feed can cause vomiting. The liver is not always able to cope with the increased nutrition of a new type of food. When this occurs vomiting, first cat vomits food masses in the future – with bile.

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Foreign body in the stomach too, is one of the reasons for vomiting. Cats love to play with small parts, easily swallowing them. If the item will pass through the intestinal tract, it will come naturally. If it stayed in the stomach, vomiting of bile are inevitable.

кошка просит кота

Help with vomiting

If the cat vomits, the owner should assist him. After a single vomiting it is necessary to observe further behavior. Perhaps the cat in the stomach of accumulated hair, so he gets rid of it.

If you frequently vomit bile, you must go to a veterinary clinic. In this case vomiting may be the cause of the outbreak of an infectious disease. The cat will take tests and prescribe treatment.

Vomiting if poisoning has a positive effect, as the body gets rid of poison. The doctor should prescribe toxic drugs treatment that will stop the vomiting in of the animal. In cases of poisoning strong poisons, the disease is fulminant. In such cases, the cat dies a few hours, if not go to the clinic.

Vomiting may begin due to heavy worm infestation, along with bile can get worms. The doctor prescribes symptomatic treatment and anthelminthic drugs. Only a comprehensive treatment will help the animal.

Vomiting with bile, you need to assign the cat starvation diet for a day, water is given ad libitum. You must trace the moment, and then began vomiting as food poisoning may be the cause.

Yourself to help the cat by using drugs, "Reglan", "Smectite" or "Enterosgel". It is necessary in the day to go to the clinic to identify the cause of vomiting. Not knowing root cause, you can harm the animal. The clinic will have identified the cause and prescribe treatment.