Advice 1: How to stop lactation in cats

A couple months ago, your kitty just had kittens. During this time they have grown, matured and finally moved to his new owners. Now is the time to take care of Mama-cat – it fell on hard times. That was the normal course of events, but, unfortunately, it happens the other way. Perhaps the kitten, for some reason died, and the milk from cats continues to be developed, and there is a risk of mastitis.
How to stop lactation in cats
You will need
  • - bromkamfara;
  • - parlodel;
  • - gallop;
  • - time to buy or Whiskas.
You picked up the kids of the owners and know exactly when they will go to a new place of residence. Already a couple of days before the event, you should take care of the cat, to reduce the risk of lactostasis and mastitis. Start with nutrition. Reduce the amount of water to drink and the amount of protein in the diet of the animal twice. Eliminate dairy foods. After you gave the last kitten at least a day feed, or give drink to the cat. Give her any sedative drug, such as bromkamfara.
If the animal feels good, swelling and inflammation exist, a day later start to slowly give her water and feed with low protein content. Mix cat food kitiket Whiskas or any porridge. You can give a small dose of diuretic, for example, Parlodel. However, it may cause vomiting.
GameStop – medication used to suppress lactation and treatment about senaste females. It can also be used for cats. GameStop helps reduce lactation and prevents the development of mastitis. Applied for 4-6 days with food or simply on the tongue of the animal at the rate of 3 drops per 1 kg of weight. In the initial period of treatment may experience drowsiness, loss of appetite, possible vomiting, but that is not the reason for its cancellation. The drug cannot be used after surgical operations.
Do not bandage the cat's stomach and put her on the blanket. This contributes to reduction of lactation. Rather the opposite - the amount of milk produced after such action increases. One should not smear the belly of the cat camphor small. If, despite all your actions, the condition of the animal worsened, Breasts hard and hot, as soon as possible contact the veterinary clinic. Perhaps it is mastitis – a disease requiring immediate medical intervention.

Advice 2: How to stop lactation in cats

After the adaptation of the kittens ' life and teaching them basic skills, there comes a time of separation from mother. For cats it's so stressful and the threat of the formation of lactose, since the milk is not always lost with the weaning babies from the breast. Prepare in advance for the emergence of possible difficulties, to counteract the effects of this painful separation.
How to stop lactation in cats
You will need
  • - sedative;
  • - food low in protein;
  • - "Gallop";
  • - "Mastometrin".
A couple of days before the kittens be separated from the mother, limit the fluid intake of animals to a minimum. Also reduce the diet belkovosoderzhaschih and dairy products. Try these days to feed the cat cereals, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of buckwheat.
Start to give the cat a sedative. Parting with offspring – a great deal of stress, prepare your home favorite for it in advance.
Immediately after weaning kittens from the mother, remove from the animal food and liquid for 12-18 hours. Try to compensate for the absence of its own attention and care. More play with your cat, spend time with him. If the nipple begins to swell, apply a cabbage leaf to the tumor.
Continue to give a sedative. After 12 hours, inspect the cat, and especially mammary glands. If the nipples are soft and the animal is behaving normally, not showing signs of weakness, give some water and food, low protein.
If the cat leads a normal life, paying games and sleep the same amount of time as before, we can expect an improvement. Stable physical condition of the cat with no swelling of the mammary glands suggests that lactation is suppressed gradually. Continue to keep the animal on the diet until the complete disappearance of the milk. Receiving sedative medication should be stopped.
If the weaning of the kittens was accompanied by swelling of the nipples and lethargy nursling, you need to start antibiotics and drugs that suppress lactation. For example, buy the drug "GameStop" and injection "will Mastometrin". "GameStop" you want to apply for 4-6 days with food 3 drops per 1 kg of animal weight.
At strong deterioration of a cat, with such manifestations as fever, excessive sleepiness, and a sharp increase in the size of the breast, immediately contact your veterinarian. Possible occurrence of mastitis is extremely dangerous for animal life and requires surgical intervention. The protracted course of the disease can lead to sterilization and removal of the nipple.

Advice 3: Cat food: is it true that it is harmful to the health of a cat

Cat food is one of the most common, publicized, and cheap cat food. Despite its popularity, this is not the best food for your pet – it does not contain all the necessary animal elements, it is made from production waste or stale meat, it can cause kidney stones and other illnesses.
Cat food: is it true that it is harmful to the health of a cat

The "Whiskas"

Cats need large amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should also be present in their diet, but much less. For them no less than for a person certain important minerals and vitamins. To mimic the wild diet of these animals, which gives them everything they need, you need to give them raw frozen beef meat, boiled lean chicken, green vegetables, dairy products. But not all cat owners are willing to follow the strict rules of natural eating, so they prefer to buy food. The better the feed, the better and more natural ingredients it includes, the more expensive but higher quality product.

On the packaging of food "Whiskas", given the composition, which results in a good veterinary doctors in horror. First, the "by-products of animal origin," it's not meat: fat, bones, joints, heads, beaks and much more, spiced with flavors that cats love this food. As a result, in the "Whiskas" a large amount of fat, but little protein. And the animals are often replaced by vegetable proteins: structure, you can find soy, corn cobs, peanut shells. Secondly, it contains corn gluten, which is harmful to the digestion of animals and causes problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Thirdly, in the "Whiskas" includes preservatives and flavors that long-term use is toxic.

But it is necessary to give food manufacturers credit, they have included some vitamins and is important for cats with taurine, although it is cheap ingredients.

Harm "Whiskas"

Perhaps, "nature" has a right to exist, if its production is carefully monitored. But it is important to understand that among many other foods is one of the most unwholesome, unbalanced and cheap. In such cases, the low price speaks volumes about the quality, as good fresh meat is expensive.

Cats are different: some have a digestive system copes with low-quality forages and improper natural diet, others need to be fed strictly by the rules and carefully monitor their diet. This explains the many cases where pet owners feed their "Whiskas" throughout life, and cats live long, not suffer and feel fine. Cat food not poison, some Pets are really handling it well and getting even feeding from the table or independently producing their own food, they make up for the lack of certain substances. But this food is for animals with delicate digestive system it can become dangerous.

Compounding the situation is that cats quickly become accustomed to the rich flavors of "Whiskas" and only require it. To rid a pet of this habit difficult.

Advice 4: Which memory from cats

Cat's brain is not fully understood. Scientists claim that the view that cats have a very short memory, is fundamentally wrong. Cats very well remember the necessary information and skillfully manipulate people, playing a lack of understanding when it suits them.
Clever cat

Excellent memory, excellent reflexes

Cats live next to the person throughout the history of civilization, there is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that they were able to adapt to the people and to learn to change their behavior depending on circumstances. At home fluffy favourites is a wonderful memory and excellent reflexes. The first time he saw any object, animal, carefully studying it and mentally considered to be dangerous, interesting or neutral category. Once familiarized with a new object or phenomenon, a cat never forgets about its properties.

Curiosity is one of the main characteristics cat. Scientists say that one should speak not of idle curiosity, and inquisitiveness. The cat is careful to an unfamiliar subject, it fits very slowly, then touches it with his paw. Once in a new area or room, home favorite thoroughly explores it, and instantly finds all the safe and dangerous places. The safest place promptly chooses for itself as the place to stay.

Experiments with cats and dogs

To determine the duration of the cat's memory and compare it with the memory of other animals, scientists have conducted a series of experiments. Turning a few boxes, they hid under one of them food. The box, which was food, was equipped with a lighted lamp. This box showed dogs and cats, convinced that the animals learned the information, and took them out of the room.

Then the animals began to bring into the room, maintaining a specific time interval. It turned out that the dogs remembered where the food for five minutes. In memory of cats valuable information was kept for 16 hours, and this time period is slightly less than that of highly developed primates – orangutans.

Creative thought

It is impossible to deny cats and they have a creative thought. To confirm the creative abilities of the scientists picked up a group of cats and taught them to move the boxes on wheels. Then high up to the ceiling hung a piece of meat. The distance to the meat was so great that animals were not able to get.

A little jump, cats began to seek a way out of the situation. One of the cats thought to push a box on wheels, to climb on it and get a piece of meat. Her companions instantly picked up the idea and also began to use boxes in order to achieve your goal. The results of these experiments indicate that cats do not so much differ in the level of intelligence on textbook primates, taking in hands a stick and this stick knocking the fruit from the tree.
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