You will need
  • - bromkamfara;
  • - parlodel;
  • - gallop;
  • - time to buy or Whiskas.
You picked up the kids of the owners and know exactly when they will go to a new place of residence. Already a couple of days before the event, you should take care of the cat, to reduce the risk of lactostasis and mastitis. Start with nutrition. Reduce the amount of water to drink and the amount of protein in the diet of the animal twice. Eliminate dairy foods. After you gave the last kitten at least a day feed, or give drink to the cat. Give her any sedative drug, such as bromkamfara.
почему у кошки плохой аппетит
If the animal feels good, swelling and inflammation exist, a day later start to slowly give her water and feed with low protein content. Mix cat food kitiket Whiskas or any porridge. You can give a small dose of diuretic, for example, Parlodel. However, it may cause vomiting.
Как ты понять, что кошка беременна
GameStop – medication used to suppress lactation and treatment about senaste females. It can also be used for cats. GameStop helps reduce lactation and prevents the development of mastitis. Applied for 4-6 days with food or simply on the tongue of the animal at the rate of 3 drops per 1 kg of weight. In the initial period of treatment may experience drowsiness, loss of appetite, possible vomiting, but that is not the reason for its cancellation. The drug cannot be used after surgical operations.
и чем кормить беременную кошку
Do not bandage the cat's stomach and put her on the blanket. This contributes to reduction of lactation. Rather the opposite - the amount of milk produced after such action increases. One should not smear the belly of the cat camphor small. If, despite all your actions, the condition of the animal worsened, Breasts hard and hot, as soon as possible contact the veterinary clinic. Perhaps it is mastitis – a disease requiring immediate medical intervention.
как вызвать рвоту у котенка