If a cat already, you look sad, she shows no interest in games, not "hunting", is not satisfied with the bustle and hullabaloo, and sad sitting in the corner, preferring to not touch - most likely, the animal is sick. To complain about the beast, but there are signs we can understand that health is the cat is not okay and she needs help.

It is worth to observe the animal's behavior for several days, without jumping to conclusions. Sometimes cats just are not "in the mood" to play, they can respond to a change in the weather – cold weather try to sit in the warmth. Still, some signs indicate health problems.

Alarming symptoms

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Cat refuses to eat or eats very little. This happens upon awakening the animal's sexual instincts. But if the specific features of the sexual desire are refusal of food is an alarming symptom.
At the onset of sexual hunting cat yells, raises the rear part of the body, rolls on the floor, sometimes becomes more affectionate or, on the contrary, aggressive for no reason.

- The animal is not manifest hunting instincts: cat tries to play, does not respond to the rustling of moving objects, etc.; the animal, trying not to make any unnecessary movements.

- The cat has stopped to "look after themselves": not licked, not brushing her hair.

- Body temperature is raised. Not every animal will allow you to measure body temperature with a thermometer, but by taking the cat in his arms, you can feel that it is hotter than usual. The normal body temperature of a cat is 38 degrees Celsius.
Body temperature the cat can be measured by introducing the thermometer into the rectum.

- Changed chair: is too liquid, there was blood on the chair is absent for more than two days.

Animal vomits. For cats, especially longhairs, in order to burp the wool that enters the stomach as a result of licking. But if a cat vomits frequently, especially every time after she ate or drank – this is not normal.

With all of these symptoms, the animal should be seen by a veterinarian – a specialist will make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Why can still be sad cat

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If the animal is healthy, but behaves unusually quiet, perhaps something has changed in the environment, and it is alarming him. Maybe the cat is afraid of someone or something. Maybe the house has a new tenant, a person or animal? Not offended if a newbie furry pet?

Maybe the cat was offended by the owner? Yes, it happens sometimes. Cats, although independent animals, but just without the society they are bored. It may be a few days to be angry with the host if he left her alone.

In any case, if the cat is sad, you should give her a little more affection and attention to her cat's problems.