Advice 1: How to treat hormonal failure in cats

Some people believe that the body of a cat compared to a human is rather primitive. Actually, the cat on top has a complex endocrine system, and sometimes these cute animals can be hormonal disruption. How to identify them, what they are dangerous, and most importantly – how to treat a cat, which "rebelled" hormones?
How to treat hormonal failure in cats
Unfortunately, just as humans, cats have problems occur in the endocrine system. They need to promptly identify, diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment, otherwise the quality of life of the animal deteriorates significantly. On what grounds can determine that your pet has a hormonal imbalance?

Symptoms of hormonal failure in cats

There are a number of signs that should force the owner of a cat suspected that his favorite happened a hormonal imbalance. First of all, this is a sharp increase in the number of drink, and, accordingly, frequent urination. The most worrying symptoms which may indicate those or other endocrine disorders in the animal body is strong obesity or, conversely, sudden weight loss. Often the cat begins to fall out of the coat up to complete baldness in certain areas of the body – the so-called alopecia areata. The most severe consequences of hormonal failure in cats is a tumor, both benign and malignant.

Causes of endocrine disorders in cats

Cause of diabetes may be prolonged overfeeding of the animal. Problem No. 1, which leads to abnormalities in the endocrine system of the animal, were and still are hormonal drugs, which many owners give their cats during their sexual inclination. These drugs cause the animal great harm and can even lead to cancer. If you are planning to breed cats, and your favorite is not purebred breeding animals is much more humane to sterilize it, not the stuff with the pills and drops.

How to treat hormonal failure in cats

If the veterinarian concluded that the cat lacks some of the natural hormone – diagnosed "hypothyroidism" - a competent replacement therapy ensures long life of your pet. Most often the cat is appointed a lifelong hormonal therapy, depends on her health. In the rest of the animal can be called almost completely healthy.

If a cat has diabetes insulin dependent type, then assigned to daily injections of insulin in selected vet dosage.
In that case, if the disease is advanced and the cat developed a tumor – most often they arise on the Breasts and ovaries – operative treatment. Simultaneously with the operation to remove the tumor is the sterilization of the animal. In most cases of recurrence endocrine problems not occur.

If an animal with a pathology in the endocrine system can timely receive the correct doses of required drugs and is under the supervision of a competent professional, then it is very likely to live a long and happy life.

Advice 2: Is it better to sterilize a cat or give her pills

The instinct of reproduction is one of the strongest, because it depends on the survival of the species. Therefore, the content of cats, especially when they have the opportunity of uncontrolled mating, becomes a real problem for their owners. The way out can only be contraception.
Is it better to sterilize a cat or give her pills

The need for contraception of cats

This measure is completely justified, since to mate cats are always ready and many are ready almost a week after the birth of kittens. Pregnancies do not only cause harm to the health of the animal, but are a headache for the host, because kittens need to not only feed, but also subsequently to distribute is in good hands. Moreover, from the fact that the cat is a purebred, a little that changes – attach a number of kittens is quite problematic.

In addition, a cat in heat is changing beyond recognition. It can become too tender and begin to continuously emit an unpleasant loud sounds. Prolonged periods of heat, not ending with a pairing, may also adversely affect the health of the cat. To prevent the heat or remove the cat's reproductive function, using hormone tablets or sterilisation.

Birth control pills for cats

The only advantage of contraceptives for cats, which include hormonal pills and drops is the fact that after their application the animal recovers the ability to give birth. But guarantee that the kittens are born healthy and without pathology does not exist. As there is no guarantee that the cat will not have the kittens, despite the fact that you will give her these tablets.

Hormones after long-term use cause many diseases and disorders of the internal organs of animals. It is not uncommon and the occurrence of cancer, occurrence of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system and pyometra.

Neutering cats

The only safe way to stop the suffering of the animal and extinguish his instinct of reproduction, is the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus sterilization surgically. Of course, like any surgery, this surgery presents some risk, but guarantees you 100% assurance that a cat will become calmer and will not bring you kittens "at the bottom", in addition, has no adverse consequences to her health.

Currently, for young cats who haven't had heat, is only the removal of the ovaries is oophorectomy. After the operation stops the production of sex hormones, and estrus do not occur already, as well as false pregnancy. Age this procedure from 8 weeks to six months.

For those cats who have become mothers, is removal of and the ovaries and uterus ovariohysterectomy. It allows to stop the pathological processes in the uterus and rid the animal of the ability to conceive.
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