Advice 1: What to feed a cat with a sick stomach

To tears is sorry for Pets when they are sick. In addition to the fact that animal suffering, it still cannot say where it hurts. If the diagnosis and cause of poor health of a pet has become a disease of the stomach, for his recovery, you will need to stick to a certain diet.
The cat needs to be light, but nourishing the stern
In many homes, cats live in almost the rights of a member of the family. Unfortunately, just like humans, cats sometimes get sick, and especially often the cause of illness in our furry Pets is their sensitive digestive tract. In order for treatment to be effective, along with medication, the animal must follow a special diet.

What should be included in the diet of a cat with a sick stomach?

Unlike the person in the case of acute gastritis or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and you can starve a few days, the cat should not be left without food. Starvation negatively affects the body of a cat, reducing her muscle mass. A small number of high-calorie food rich in protein, the cat must obtain in any case. In some diseases, the cat is forced to stay hungry for some time, in this case you should consider getting her nutrients through an IV.

Cat with a sick stomach not to feed rich fatty meat or fish. A sick animal is better to give high quality feed specifically designed for cats with a sensitive digestive system. Even those cats that are fed with natural food, you can offer canned food during the postoperative period. But they need to be proven by the manufacturer and with the most natural composition. They usually contains everything you need for a weakened organism of the animal.

The nuances of feeding the cat with a sick stomach

Often one of the prominent symptoms of disease pet is vomiting. It is dangerous in that cat along with vomit loses not only proteins and carbohydrates, but also electrolytes and are necessary for the functioning of body fluid. Its reserves must be replenished. For this cat mandatory given special rehydrate (the most popular regidron). When vomiting will stop, the cat begins to produce nutritious liquid food – chicken broth, mashed puree of cooked meat or prepared food medical orientation.

Often diseases of the stomach in cats accompanied by loose stools. If your cat is prone to this sort of disorders, never feed on milk and raw eggs. Diarrhea cat be given specific medication, and his diet should consist of protein-rich digestible food – boiled chicken, hard-boiled egg, low-fat cottage cheese mixed with boiled rice or prepared food.

Follow the recommendations of a veterinarian, under the supervision of which is your furry pet, and then he will be healthy and will live in your house a long and happy life.

Advice 2: What to feed a child with diarrhea

Diarrhoea (diarrhea) is a pathological condition which can be characterized by the dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Its main symptoms are watery stool and bowel movement is too rapid.
What to feed a child with diarrhea


This is a fairly common ailment, frequently occurring in children. Causes of disorders of bowel function can be very diverse. Most often diarrhea occurs when infectious lesions of the digestive tract bacteria and viruses into the body with poor quality food or drinking water. In some cases the cause may be fermentation of food in the intestine of the child, due to insufficient digestion of carbohydrates. In addition, diarrhea in children can cause allergic reactions, metabolic disorders, prolonged use of certain medications (especially antibiotics), strong negative emotions.

However, despite causes of diarrhea, the main method of stabilizing the condition of the child is to change his food. Diet must be necessarily agreed with the doctor, but its purpose, first and foremost, this helped digestive system of the baby and her recovery.

Food for diarrhea in children under one year

In case of diarrhea in infants, radically change anything not necessary. Should be only to review the feeding regime. Feed the baby more frequently, making sure that eaten the portion was not large, so the stomach is not overloaded. If the kid is on artificial feeding, the mixture should be given frequently but in small portions. In addition, not be amiss to consult with your doctor about the mixture, because during the period of sickness, perhaps it should be changed to low-lactose or dairy. If the child started eating complementary foods in this period, it is necessary to eliminate from the diet of the baby, leaving only breast milk or formula.

What not to eat when diarrhea

The diet of the older child provides for the exclusion from the products menu, and load the intestines and causing fermentation. It is not necessary to feed your baby fatty foods, which further contributes to stool softener, heavy to digest whole milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, broths, meats, canned goods, flour and confectionery, couscous

What to feed baby with diarrhea

In the diet of child with diarrhea should enter the lungs, preferably steamed, boiled, or baked in the oven, dishes. It is desirable that the food was chopped using a blender, or rubbed through a sieve. During diarrhoea there is a greater likelihood of dehydration, so the child at this point should drink plenty of liquids: weak tea without sugar, stewed fruit, purified drinking water, broth hips. During diarrhoea the child can safely feed boiled cereals in water, jelly, cottage cheese and fermented milk products, boiled eggs, lean fish or meat, baked apples.

After fixing the chair for another 4-5 days it is advisable to follow a diet. Only after that you can gradually start to feed the child fruits and vegetables, milk. From fried, fatty, sweet and smoked food for two to three consecutive weeks should be abandoned.
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