First, it should be noted that there are vitamins for animals, and there are treats that contain vitamin supplements. In the first case, you should strictly adhere to the dosage, course of treatment. Treats can also give the time without the advice of a veterinarian.
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Start to give vitamins to the cat since the first months of life, that is, immediately after the kitten get off of breast milk. Be sure to include vitamin a and D, as they assist in the formation of the skeleton. These vitamins are also found in beef liver, egg yolk, milk and butter. Keep in mind that before taking consult with your veterinarian.
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If your cat refuses to eat vitamins made in pill form, purchase a liquid vitamin-mineral complexes. They just add to food once per day, the number of drops is determined individually. You can also crush pills to a powder and mix them with food.
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Note that you can give vitamins for a long time is not necessary, usually, veterinarians prescribe a course that lasts from one to six months.
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Be sure to consult your veterinarian, as some types of vitamins to give to a couple in any case impossible. For example, you can't give zinc with calcium and iron, as the reaction they provoke anemia and reduce cholesterol level in the body of a cat.
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Let the cat vitamins at certain times of the day. Veterinarians are divided active and passive systems. If the first need to give during the active phase, the second at rest. Active vitamin and mineral complexes contribute to the production of energy, and passive – help the cells to produce oxygen, stimulate the kidneys and liver.