Most often, the design of this specific site includes only the most essential elements: fences, monument, flower garden. However, if you have additional cash amounts, you can increase the number of sets and select higher quality products.

Starting the beautification of the graves not be superfluous to decide on the convenience of those or other components. For example, if you plan to bed, you need to consider the ongoing need to transplant flowers, remove grass and weeds and fences require periodic painting.

Fence and monument

A small fence or the fence is "necessary" attribute of the graves. The installation of such facilities will clearly define its borders and prevent casual visits by uninvited guests. For example, people or any animals passing by, can inadvertently trample flowers or just to step on the grave.

The monument itself is most often made in the classical form, but if desired, apply special expensive materials: it is very beautiful and looks majestic marble and granite. Tombstones can be created in any of the figures or even as a statue. A special kind of decor will serve as marked on the monument picture in the form of a portrait.

Flowers and other plants

Comfort and neatness will bring fresh flowers. They can be in a separate bed next to the grave or to be planted inside of the cap. The composition should preferably be undemanding perennial plants, which do not require intensive care. But if you have the ability and desire to follow the flower garden, it is advisable to plant primroses, a variety of bulbous and perennial plants. Then as the change of seasons, the flower bed will bloom and be filled with new plants. Planting shrubs or trees should not be, as they grow, and their extensive root system can damage the foundations of the graves around.

Tracks and the space in front of the monument or base well tightly to plant lawn grass. Even easier to fill these places with a composition of chippings or paving tiles. This eliminates the need to combat weeds and prevent the appearance of the mud after the rain and snow.

Additional items

If space allows, you can set the table and the bench. In the budget version of them are to be made of wood, and more reliable and a monumental option assumes that the stone.

For luxury graves of suitable elements such as columns, balusters, arches, or even statues. Most popular angels and various biblical themes. These things are made to order and are usually installed in protected cemeteries because they represent additional interest for looters and vandals.

What would not have been decorated tomb, its main attribute is the tidiness and neatness. Even a modest place may be attractive, if you visit it and care for it.