History of the Mohawk

The Iroquois is one of the most famous tribes of American Indians, before the coming of Europeans to the continent they were one of the most influential. There is a common myth that these Indians wore high hairstyles: shaved hair from both sides, and in the middle with the help of improvised means lifted them up high and secured.

But in fact, the Iroquois rarely wore these hairstyles are the styling they did in ancient times – shaved all the hair, leaving a tuft of feathers on the top, but mostly wore long hair, decorated with colorful hats with feathers. The Indian tribe Onondaga wore hairstyles, a bit like a modern Iroquois: they left in the middle of the head long hair, which was braided in a pigtail.

The real Iroquois – a tall, frightening, noticeable – were enemies of the Iroquois, representatives of the Shawnee tribe. Similar hairstyles were the tribes of the Pawnee, Omaha, Missouri, Otto, kanza – but they are distinguished by the fact that were not made of hair and fur of animals needles and porcupine. It is widely believed that the sophisticated decoration on the head was an awesome character, but the researchers think they were made to be like the deity, totems, having the signs of animals.

Modern Mohawk

The modern form of Mohawk was the first to wear the famous singer watty Buchan from Scotland, is soloist and leader of the band The Exploited, who played punk rock, street punk, and other areas of punk music. The name of the hairstyle in the English language sounds like "Mohawk", as some called themselves the Iroquois. In Russian language the word "Mohawk" in the meaning of punk hairstyles, under assumptions of experts, brought journalist Artemy Troitsky in one of the first publications.

After Bukena Mohawk began to do and other members of the punk subculture, hairstyle soon became popular among them. Today, the Mohawk, and punk culture, the spread is smaller but still not gone. There are two types of this hairstyle: Siberian and American, which have different bandwidth. The Mohawk are laid, standing straight up, and in the supine position.

There are other options: for example, the hair cut steps and put a kind of thorns, or the remaining part of the head is shaved not bald, but with pictures, there are also hairstyles with two or three parallel Mohawks. But the classic version – cropped under the machine, length not more than two or three millimeters of the hair and comb with a width of up to four fingers.