The easiest way to solve this problem is to find the nearest relatives of the deceased. Most likely, they will be able to explain to you where the grave is, or give her the address, that is, the quarter, and burial in the cemetery. Itself arriving at the cemetery, ask the caretaker or administrator to show you the plan of graves (if you don't see it right at the entrance), which will be easy to navigate.
If you find the next of kin of the deceased failed and seek his burial place will have to you need to have minimum information about it. The name you surely know. Need dates of birth and death. If known - very well. If not, contact the office of the Registrar of the city or area where lived the required people on the eve of his death.
After receiving information about the date of death of the deceased go to the cemeterywhere he was buried. Upon arrival, please contact the cemetery administration. Stating the surname, name and patronymic of the searched person as well as the exact or approximate time of his death, you can get a certificate, which is to lead on each cemetery. Keep in mind that not all cemeteries administrator is on duty all day. In most cases, they are likely to find in place at the end or the beginning of the working day.
In the extract from the archived data that you will receive in the administration of the cemetery, will indicate the quarter in which is the grave. Further search lead yourself. Go to the specified site and go around all the graves, reading the inscriptions on them. Of course, the longer the burial was left unattended, the harder it will be to find him.
If you need to find the grave of a famous person, go to the Internet. Now the world wide web created many sites of similar subjects, which you can find burial, as an ordinary person and popular.