Select a location for a future chapel. Remember that the chapel is a place where anyone can come to pray, so install it on your private property, but only if you can guarantee it universal access. Anciently chapels to chose open spaces, such as mountain plateau, the road forks, the forest.
If you are going to establish a chapel in its own territory, and the public, to build the necessary permission not only from the representatives of the Church, but also from land owners.
In addition, it is better not to put the chapel in a noisy and busy place – it will not help to create the mood required for prayer.
Sketch a sketch of the future of the chapel. You can see examples of chapels, study the illustrations, using special literature or Internet. Decide what size will your chapel. Think in advance of its design and dimensions. Decide what it will be material – brick, wood or something else. Of course, the tree was and remains the most traditional material for the construction of the chapel.
Now you need to get permission and blessing of the Church authorities, for the construction of the chapel. To obtain them you will need to justify the construction of a chapel in the selected location. This will make it quite difficult if you, for example, decided to establish a chapel in the cemetery, near the grave of a loved one. For you reason construction is straightforward – you would like to have a place where you can quietly pray, retire. But in this case the chapel should be available to other people, otherwise your goal will be too selfish. So think about it beforehand. If you decide to put the chapel in an open space, its location near the Church or other chapel, or where almost do not reside in the parish, too, may find unreasonable. To obtain permission to build the chapel, please first contact the priest at the nearest Church. It will tell you what to do next.Think about that, will someone to reside in the chapel. If it is big enough and is suitable for hosting services, you will need to find a priest who could conduct them.
Complete project of the future chapel. After that, you will have to coordinate it in several instances – in the SES, the fire brigade, the district architect. Only after obtaining all the permissions you can start building. You can build a chapel of their own, and can contact the builders. But usually the chapel building with their hands on their own money when purchasing building materials.
After the construction of the chapel is finished, you must arrange its interior. Need icons, icon lamps and other Church utensils. You can buy all of this, and can apply to the people that they donated icons, and other items for the chapel.
After the construction of the chapel would have to be blessed. For this we turn again to the priest.After the chapel is ready, you will be able to open it to the congregation.