Modern cities are growing rapidly, their population increases and, as a consequence of this, not yet occupied by buildings territories the building of new houses. Now it is not uncommon that some time ago might have seemed unthinkable – a residential house built on the site of the former cemetery.

Why you should not build a house where there was a cemetery

The churchyard is the resting place of the deceased who in life were respected people, and someone's family and loved ones. At least unethical to erect any structure – especially a house – on human bones. Even if the developer is far from mysticism and believes that by his actions, he is able to disturb the spirit of those who have long been in the world of the dead, still it would be better to honor the memory of these people and not to pick something so ambitious where their bones are buried. In fact, the construction on the spot where sleep the eternal sleep of your ancestors, is nothing more than vandalism and disrespect to their physical body.

If the site of the old cemetery, despite all the warnings, still decided to build housing estates, settled in them people, or those who for whatever reason happen to go there, will unavoidably be influenced by negative energy. In principle, even without being psychic, any person in different periods of their lives may experience worsening your intuition and noticing signs. It is possible that if in such a moment of opening the "third eye" it will be built on the site of an abandoned cemetery house, he can hear or see something inexplicable from the standpoint of materialism. There are data in the statistical reports, according to which residents of these homes much more often than those who live in buildings without such a dark story, become patients in mental hospitals; who knows what was the catalyst for the distraction of each of them.

How to live in a house built on the site of the cemetery

Any person possessing extrasensory abilities, almost immediately reads the energy of the other world, being in one of these houses. Willy-nilly disturbed the spirit of those buried in the cemetery, which was later laid the Foundation of this house, will have a strong impact on the people living in it. To show this influence may be different, but the vast majority of cases, the lives of those who moved to an apartment in this house is changing not for the better.

Living in a house built on the burial place, people get ill and it can be as a chronic indolent disease and rapidly developed, such as Oncology; in addition, many of them are people with diseases not body, but spirit. In such houses very bad feeling animals, they behave strangely and obviously constantly experiencing fear. Finally, according to statistics, among the inhabitants of these houses, many of those who became an alcoholic, a drug addict or suddenly kills herself.

A lot of strange things going on in the construction stage on the site of the former churchyard. Often workers get injured or even die in strange circumstances.