Advice 1: How to build a spring

The place where there may be groundwater, it is possible to visually identify. If you find on your land is a place you can build your own spring. Of course, have to work, but it's worth it!
How to build a spring
You will need
  • - Concrete rings;
  • pipe;
  • - clay;
  • - sand and gravel;
  • - concrete cover.
Find a plot of land where the groundwater is particularly close. This can be determined at different times of the year, even in winter. Summer drought you'll find him on the green grass among the withered and burnt vegetation, by the presence of hygrophilous plants, such as sedges, reeds. In the evening there are going mosquitoes and fog in the morning.In winter the proximity of the source of the issue of ice on the snow cover and thawed. Spring spring can be found at long dry out the ground.
You can, if you have time and patience, using the trees to lift water from depth. This will put quite a large number of moisture-loving trees - alder, willow, white poplar, aspen. Plant them so that in the middle of the left circle for spring. Nine years later the trees are their roots, like pumps, will raise ground water with depth. Dig a hole, and it will clog the water! The closer to each other and the trees and the more the spring is stronger.
The diversion of water from the spring is better done with the help of captaincy camera. This camera will provide you with the required domestic water storage. Usually it is a ring of reinforced concrete, which is put over the output of a spring from the rock. The water intake takes place through ceramic or concrete pipes running in captaineo the camera, and at the bottom make holes for water intake.From contamination of water by sewage water pipe protect and clay cushion fill sand-gravel mixture.
Overflow pipe install, to avoid flooding the camera. The output of this pipe make a funnel for water intake. In the camera itself make the two departments, cleaning and storage. Seal funded the Department of the slab of concrete and build a deck around.Need to provide prevent contamination of the soil in water, this makes the insulation of the walls and roof of the chamber, such as the castle of a rather fat clay, etc.
The output of the spring to the surface equip building type well, always with a roof. Sometimes you have to walk for water with the truck, provide a good approach to the water source.

Advice 2: How to equip the area

The arrangement of the land - a problem that confronts the budding landlord, as soon as he gets it. After all, her decision takes several years. If you do something wrong, then error correction will take years, so it is important at the outset to approach the regeneration of the land very seriously.
The embodiment of your dreams
You will need
  • compass, metal poles, or fence mesh netting, logs, paint, impregnation, tillers, shovels, rakes, seeds, seedlings, saplings of fruit trees.
Construction of site – a fundamentally important task that arises in the first place when buying land. After all, live on it have for many years, and we must try to make one look at this and a blooming land warms the soul. We must be prepared for the fact that the resettlement site will take several years.1.Initially it is necessary to allocate zones, the location of which should be very carefully considered.
What are these zones?Area under construction of the house and garden buildings that need to have on the site.
Area for vegetable garden.
Area under the garden.
Area under the flower garden.
Need to decide on a fence. The most popular currently the following types of fences: wooden or mesh netting. Installing it is quite possible to cope on their own.
How to build a fence and that you need to have.At the perimeter of the site do plan, mowed the grass, levelled the ground.
At a distance of 2.5 – 3.0 meters dig holes under the posts.
Bury the posts into the holes, and trusted them to make the metal of the pipes.
If the wooden fence, between the posts 2 extend the number of lags of timber 50*100mm.
If the fence netting between the pillars pulled the mesh and fasten it welded to the hooks, then hold the hooks in different directions.
If the fence is wooden, it to the joists nailed to the fence.
Build and hang a gate and gate
Paint the finished product.
Go to the layout of the site. Take a compass and orientirueshsya around the world. The garden needs to take place on the South side of the site. When the layout of the house it is desirable that the room is designed for relaxation, facing the North, so even on the hottest day in them will be relatively cool. You need to consider where it will be bath, garage and other necessary outbuildings.
The definition of place in the garden. As we said earlier, it should be located on the South side of the site. We must try to make him as little as possible shadow. Consider the location of the beds. They should be located from South to North, then the light throughout the day on them will fall the sun.
The designated place in the garden. First with the garden you need to plant bushes – currants, gooseberries, etc. This is to ensure that they do not shade the garden when I grow up. Then you need to plant fruit trees. It is necessary to calculate in advance the distance between them so that when they grow up, they closed their canopy. In allocating places under the raspberry bushes we need to consider that when he grows up he can "go out" on the territory of its neighbors. So it is better to plant either free from them, or negotiate with them on this issue.
It is desirable to surround a flower garden house from all sides. To provide on your site the maximum variety of colors, it needs to have an area in full shade, partial shade, well positioned at the sun.In the first years, the flower bed must not have clearly defined boundaries. This is because not yet determined the location of the tracks. Give your home a possibility for 1-2 years, free to walk wherever it is convenient. And then zabetonirovana spontaneously trodden path. But to him, it is already possible to bind the permanent borders of flower beds. Well, we outlined a plan of settling the land. It is very important to do it right, because the mess can take years.
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