It just seems that the choice of the cemetery is very simple. In fact, to solve this problem is quite difficult, because you need to take into account many different nuances.

How to choose a cemetery for burial

When choosing a cemetery first and foremost, you need to understand whether you will be burying the man Autonomous or podchorkivaet to the already existing grave. In addition, it is very important to determine the version of the burial – whether this is standard procedure or you'll go with cremation. So, in the second case, you will not do any cemetery, and will need special, where there is a columbarium.

If you are going to podchorkivaet person to the already existing grave, it is worth considering that the cost will be more expensive. Besides, not the fact that on the family plot left plenty of room to dig another grave.

In addition, when choosing a cemetery it is necessary to consider its location. For example, if you have relatives in age, who will visit this grave, this should not be a challenging quest. Be sure to remember your grandma with the sore feet, which will be easier to get to the nearest cemetery and the grave closer to the road.

Also it is necessary to understand how favorable the nature around. If the cemetery is constantly washed by rains, and there are frequent landslides, it is better from such a place to give.

It is also worth remembering that the older the cemetery, so it is known, and thus places it may or may not be, or they will cost very expensive. In this case it is necessary to give preference to the more budget counterparts.

Again, the older the cemetery the better he infrastructure. This means that the flowers can be bought directly at the entrance to the churchyard, cleaning and landscaping are at times better than just about developing the cemeteries.

What to consider

When you choose cemetery, which will suit you in all respects, and will select a place under burial that meets all of your needs, you will need to enter into a contract with the management company of the cemetery.

In fact, as they say, the land of the cemetery is free. In fact it is not. And you have to pay ostensibly for burial, but this amount will include everything – the cost of land and the burial and the subsequent beautification of the area.

The cost of the plot at a particular cemetery depends on its location, popularity and many other parameters. Also of importance and the status of the city. For example, in Moscow, a cemetery plot will cost several times more expensive than in Khabarovsk.

Often grieving relatives have neither the strength nor the time to deal with these issues. So they prefer to order the funeral services of intermediary firms.

However, if you decided to do this on your own, be prepared that you will have to spend a lot of effort.