The metal needs to be painted correctly, then it will be a long time. Fences in the grave refers to the problematic surfaces. Every day it is exposed to sunlight, all kinds of precipitation. The paint is peeling, there is rust, the metal begins to lose its properties. Because of these changes, the fence takes on an ugly look.

How to prepare the fence for painting

First, you need to get rid of the old coating. In this case, will brush out of a metal spatula. Areas of paint which can be easily separated from the surface can be removed with a spatula. The next step will be to clear the metal from the paint brush. To slightly soften the paint and make it easier, you can use the solvent.

On clean metal it is necessary to apply a rust Converter which will remove the yellow-orange of education. When all stages are passed, you can begin to paint the fences.

What kind of paint to paint the fence

There are several types of coatings for metal. In stores for the construction, you can find cost-effective paint, or choose a durable finish.

The simplest option is painting tombstones on the grave a simple enamel PF-115, which is suitable for many kinds of surfaces. Enamel is available in a variety of colors, it is economical in price but this coating will last for 2 years, then the paint will start to peel off.

If the choice fell still on the enamel PF-115, it is necessary to pre-treat the metal surface with primer with anti-corrosion component of the GF-021. This will greatly prolong the service life.

Of cost-effective options it is worth noting the so called "silver", "iron Minimum". They are constantly there, so when the paint starts to peel, you can quickly update the surface.

But there are colors, before applying which GF-021 applied do not need. This is a ground enamel of different manufacturers. An example is the ground-enamel 3 in 1 Russian production of "Dali". This product has 6 color options, very economical in use and affordable in price. After painting the surface remains unchanged for 5-6 years.

For those looking for more durable options that stores offer for metal surfaces "Hammerite". The result is a very durable and tough coating. The paint prevents the formation of rust on metal, perfectly repels moisture, does not require pre-priming.