Choose plants for planting on a grave must be given to how frequently you can visit her caring for them. After all, some spectacular plants can maintain its decorative only with regular watering, removal of withered blossoms, pruning, fertilizing.

In addition, you need to pay attention to what the lighting conditions at the landing site. The shaded areas require an entirely different selection of plants than under the sun the whole day. Some types of plants require additives in the soil fertile soil.

If you want to draw dry, Sunny area, rarely visited, it is best to choose undemanding groundcover crops such as different types of sedums, saxifrage. At such places will be good to grow wormwood (Schmidt, Louisiana, Steller's), carnation pinnate, the young, thrift seaside, arabis, milkweed many-flowered and mortality. Of shrubs easily take root in the horizontal cotoneaster, low growing and very showy variety of the barberry ( Aurea, Kobold, green carpet, low Spiraea Golden Princess, gold mound, little Princess). Well will feel conifers: pine mountain Dwarf, Mini Pug, Mugus and compact junipers Wt, blue Old (creeping) and Skyrocket (pyramidal), Tamariscifolia (cushion). The best option would be the use of the aforementioned plants in the group.

For low-light raw footage use the following plants: perennial, such as saxifrage, periwinkle, Aquilegia, astilba, geyhera, host; shrubs, such as hydrangea, barberry (zelenolistnyh varieties), cotoneaster brilliant. From pine dwarf spruce (Glauca of Globosa, little Gem). As bright additions can be planted for summer begonia tuberous and Vale of eternal blossoms, balsams, violets.

If the plot is light and there is a possibility of care for them (watering, fertilizing), a good option is the use of miniature and groundcover roses, geraniums, petunias, marigolds.

A gentle and touching look roses with lavender, sage, Veronica. Well groundcover roses with pine (above grade). The fences can be planted clematis, annual morning glory.

Appropriate mix of plants, curbs, decorative stone, venues, covered with granite or marble dropout.