For evening dress pick up flowing, fine and smooth knit. This fabric can be beautiful drape, gather in pleats and flounces. If you sew a dress for everyday wear, choose a natural knit – lightweight and not too tight.
The technology of sewing knitted products, in contrast to sewing other fabrics, there are a number of subtleties that are worth considering. You will need not only sewing machine, and serger, as well as scissors, needle, tailor's chalk, iron & Ironing Board, and other tools to assist in cutting and sewing.
Set in a sewing machine, a special needle for knit. These needles have a rounded tip, and sometimes they are double. Sewing select a smooth and stretchy threads of polyester or nylon.
Best of all, if your machine is capable of sewing not only ordinary, but knit stitches; otherwise, you will have to sew on the overlock product, which in itself creates a flexible line.
On an ordinary sewing machine you can sew a dress, if the functions of the machines have a zigzag stitch.
Picking the appropriate dresses to knitwear, in advance try to flash it, selecting various modes of thread tension in the machine, and selecting a seam. The stitching should be stretch – otherwise, the thread will tear when you try to stretch the fabric.
Carry a dress pattern on the wrong side of the knitted fabric tailor's chalk or a piece of dry soap. From all sides make the same seam, 1.5 cm Seams gently straighten by hand and atprivate iron, and while the joint will not have time to cool down, press it with something flat.