First of all, prepare the necessary materials and tools. You will need a tailor's meter for taking measurements, scissors, needle, thread, pins and a sewing machine.
Pick up a nice thin stretchy fabric. For example, you can use the crepe de Chine. Prepare a cutting width of five feet and length of three meters.
Using tailor's tape, remove the necessary measurements – bust girth, underbust girth, length, height of the backrest.
In accordance with previously taken measurements, make pattern for future dresses with open back. It should consist of two identical elements of the back, two zelenokamennykh shelves with straps and oblique bakey for edging the straps, armholes and back. Don't forget to leave a 1.5 cm allowance along the slices and 3-inch hem.
Carefully cut pattern pieces in single layer, place them on the fabric front side up. They should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees.
Make cutting out dresses, cut out the bias tape from the attacks.
Connect the details and sewn seams. You should first prepare a skirt and a top with straps separately, so it was easy to carry out the fitting in the future to make some changes.
Try the dress on and inspect where it would be worthwhile to adapt the sizes. Get the product on the figure with pins.
Remove the dress and if necessary, correct the position of the seam. Well proutyuzhte and try the product again.
Carefully stitch the dress at the seams and make the trim piping.