You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors, needles, thread the tape, ruler, crayons;
  • magazines for sewing;
  • - decorative jewelry;
  • - a piece of cloth.
Flip through the magazines on sewing and just fashionable glossy magazines to find your favorite model. Choose those dresses that have a simple cut, if you are a beginner in sewing clothes with their hands. Consider what you will wear the chosen outfit, well it will look on your figure, what are the best colors to choose. Then go to the fabric store to buy everything you need.
Prepare the workspace. For cutting the required table or flat surface. Take care of good lighting and surface cleanliness of the sewing machine, namely, plates and legs, where the fabric might get dirty in the process of tailoring products.
Fabric with sequins tailor a rectangle with a width of 18 cm and a length of about 90 cm. Fabric, it is desirable to use a flexible model bustier dress suggests the presence of tight-fitting bodice. Prostrochite side seam and finish on the serger. The top of the stamp tuck doubly and prostrochite at a distance of 5 mm from the edge. Set the speed line to a minimum, if such a function has your sewing machine. Otherwise, sew slowly, carefully lowering the needle, because when the sequins overlapping each other prevent a uniform course of the needle and the lines.
Roll grey cloth, like a napkin, a square, so that the front side of the cloth was inside. Now tailor a skirt-sun. Skirt length may still remain arbitrary, and the base top free.
The upper edge of the skirt preberite using thread-spandex. Then manually baste the top to the skirt, creating decorative folds on both sides of the product with the offset to the center. Try on dress, it must be fixed tight on the chest, not to recede and not to interfere with movement. If everything sits as it should, stand on heels and mark with chalk or pin the desired length of the finished product near the mirror.
Sostrochite both parts, remove the basting, finish the edges. Focusing on the label of the desired length, primelite a straight line, leaving the seam allowance on the hem of one centimeter. Cut off the excess and abberate the lower section of details. Then, tuck the fabric and run the stitching at 0,3 mm from the edge.
Dress can be decorated thin delicate strip of lace at the bottom of the skirt, the Flirty peek-a-Boo from under the main fabric. You can add decorative straps of rhinestones, beads or metal chains.