You will need
  • cloth;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - thin interlining;
  • - concealed back zip;
  • - a sewing machine.
Remove the two measurements: waist circumference (FROM) and length (DI). These two measurements are sufficient for the construction of the pattern "sun".
Calculate the amount of fabric required to sew the skirt flared. If you are going to sew is not a very long skirt, the fabric needs to be taken from calculate two lengths plus two times the radius of the inner circumference calculated according to the following formula: 1/6 of the waist circumference – 1 cm.
For a long skirt-the sun will need to calculate the fabric consumption based on a certain length. Convenient to use for this paper models pattern, reduced by 10 times. Such semi-circular draw layouts on paper and then attach them to the same drawn on a paper strip conventional "tissue" is reduced 10 times width. The length of the strip, which will fit the two halves of the pattern (between them leave a small gap for the belt, if provided by the model) multiplied by 10, is the desired length of the cut tissue.
Before you reveal the fabric wash, dry and iron along the grain lines, so the material gave the desired shrinkage.
If the width of the fabric allows you to carve out once the whole skirt as a whole (with a small length of the product), then fold the fabric in half first along the grain lines face inward, and then another two on the weft thread. From the top of the corner, where there is not a single tissue section (some bends), draw an arc with a radius R1 equal to (1/6 FROM – 1) cm From the same point do a second arc with radius R2 equal to R1 + D. Give allowances on the bottom of the garment 1 cm in the upper slice, 1.5 cm
In case of long products, lay fabric in a single layer, face down and unfold it. From the upper left corner put a distance equal to DI + 1 cm + R1. From the resulting point will watertite two semicircles with radii R2 R1и. The second half of the skirt will draw in the same way, but start from the bottom right corner.
Between the two parts of the sun will draw, if necessary, the waistband on the bias, i.e. at an angle of 45 degrees to the equity line. The pattern belt is an elongated rectangle with a width equal to twice the width of the belt in finished form plus allowances at 1.5 cm, and length equal to the circumference of the waist + 1-2 cm (freedom fit) + allowances at 1.5 cm.
Take the two main parts of the skirt and hang them for a few hours at the top of the slices, in the wet state, and then smooth in the direction of the equity line. It is necessary to further align the bottom line.
Sew, if you have the side seams of the skirt, leaving the left seam-free zipper, shorter, 2 cm Ratatouille and sewn allowances "zigzag" or on the serger.
Tacite hidden "zipper." Pre-glue the allowances under the zipper with a thin interlining and their zautyuzhte on the wrong side.
The belt also glue interlining. Fold it in half wrong side inside and priutyuzhte. Now fold the waistband inside out and sew short sections, remove them and priutyuzhte. Sew the waistband folded the skirt and handle the slices. Zautyuzhte allowances upstairs.
Treat hem "zigzag", and then seam itagiba with an open cut. Delicate fabric can be sew by hand.