How to build a pattern

The cut is based on asymmetrical skirts is a regular flare-the sun or the bell. To start, build pattern-based skirts. Measure the waist and the desired length of the product front and back.

The measure of waist girth, divide by 6 for cutting the sun or 3 to cut the bell. On the sheet of paper in the top left corner put the resulting figure and draw a arc. From these lines we can measure the length of the skirt and do a second arc parallel to the first. The pattern-base.

Next, you need to simulate the asymmetrical bottom edge. On the left side of the pattern from waist line we can measure the length of the product back. Swipe smooth line that forms the bottom line of the product. Cut out the pattern.

Choose a suitable fabric for sewing skirts. Best suited light and airy fabrics such as chiffon, silk, soft knit. Fold the fabric in 4 times, as when cutting the skirt cut the sun, inside out. To the upper left corner, attach the pattern, pin it with pins and tailor's chalk circle. Detail cut out, leaving a waist allowance quantity 0.5 cm, hem of the skirt 1 cm.

Sewing technology asymmetrical skirt

Currently very fashionable, when a belt is used wide elastic band. Besides, it is practical and much faster, work on sewing.

The upper edge of the skirt on the handle overlock. Cut the required number of tapes. Attach it to the cut so that the seam has turned out in the middle of the back. Sew the cut at the waist with double stitching, slightly pulling the elastic band. Sew the sections together and treat them overlong seam.

Try asymmetrical skirt. Specify the underline and the length of the train. Cut off the excess.

The hem can be laced in three ways. Treat the cut on the serger. Bend it 1 cm and priutyuzhte. Route the line at a distance of 2 mm from the edge. This should be done very carefully and thoroughly, so the line was smooth.

In the second method the fold cut on the wrong side twice. Priutyuzhte. Chipped light fabric is not necessary, as there can be traces of punctures by needles. Route the line at a distance of 1 mm from the fold, gently stretching the fabric. Then again proutyuzhte seam.

To handle asymmetric hem third way will need bias binding in matching fabric or contrasting color. In addition to practical goals, she will also serve as a decorative element. Put the slice in the bias tape and make a line at a distance of 1 mm from its edge.