Advice 1: How to sew a skirt

Ordinances sewing skirts explained, probably, in the childhood at lessons of work, but with time this knowledge is completely erased from the memory. And just then, when you want to try to make her understand that completely forgot all the wisdom.
How to sew a skirt

So, the first thing to sew the skirt correctly, you need to measure and make a pattern.

In mass production know how to sew a skirt on measurements of typical figures, but for individual patterns is to pay attention to the measurement of all necessary quantities. Measurements are better off on top of the linen. Classical measurements is poluobhvat waist and hips. All measurements of Poluboyarov and width are recorded in half-size, long – in full. Note also the differences between your shape from the standard, for example, protruding stomach or tight hips. In this case, it is also necessary to measure the desired length of the skirt to the floor front, side and rear. Don't forget about the increase in the free fit! If you want a full skirt, so you need the proper fabric.

Determine the desired length of a pencil skirt just stand in front of a mirror in the Shoe you intend to wear with the future skirt, and attach to the thighs a piece of cloth. Move it up and down to determine the best length, the most suitable for you.

The main model in the drawing the skirt is a straight double seam option. It fits a woman of any age, and it can sew almost any fabric type. If the fabric is not plain but with designs or patterns, think about how it is more appropriate to fit in cutting work. If sewing a skirt without expanding it to the bottom, it is ready it will seem narrower. This skirt will look better on a woman with high hips.

An important process in the preparation of fabric for cutting work – it dekatirovka. Dekatirovka is a fabric treatment for shrinking. Before decterov produced by wrapping a piece of wet towel, but with the advent of irons with adjustable temperature and humidity made possible the treatment of the fabric with steam. Decterov carried out for fabrics with natural fibers for more than 50%. Natural fibers include wool, silk, linen, cotton, and others. Before buying a fabric discover its composition, to decide whether to decterov.

After processing the tissue and preparing the patterns, you can begin to work. Think about how will your future button up skirt buttons, hooks or zip. Remember that decorative items can spoil and beautify the product.


Advice 2: How to sew a skirt sun flare

Delicate and feminine skirt to sew very simple, if you choose the style "sun-flared". Is both simple and effective model.
How to sew a skirt-sun flare?

Skirt this cut looks great in any light fabric. It can be sew as an independent thing, or as a skirt for dress or sundress almost any style of top. If you are looking for the pattern for warm skirts or skirts of thick fabric, better to stay at least for "the bell" or chetyrehsot. For thick fabric perfect pattern straight skirt.

The skirt is flared, you can sew almost any length. Mini sun well accentuate long slender legs, and Maxi-the sun will create a wonderfully delicate silhouette with a slim waist. If you need elegant skirt, which adds a touch of romance, choose this style.

Build the pattern

To build the pattern, measure the waist. You will also need to determine the desired length of the skirt. If you are unsure of your sewing skills, you first construct a pattern on paper. The pattern of the skirt consists of two concentric circles (see figure), where the length of the smaller circle is equal to the waist (or a little more to prisborivat fabric on the belt, if you want to get the skirt puffier). An experienced seamstress can be limited to not full-size pattern, but a small sketch with accurate dimensions.

When buying fabric specify its width. As a minimum you will need two lengths of skirt. If any tissue, we have obtained the pattern cut in half and cut two halves "of the sun".

Don't forget to cut out and belt skirt (rectangle located on the of equity, the length of which is equal to the amount of waist+2.5 cm for the clasp).

Sewing skirts

If a skirt made entirely on the side make a slit and sew the zipper. If the two halves, then sew the halves, one of the seams sew the zipper. Sew the waistband, a button to fasten at the end of the belt. The bottom of the skirt tighten up and filed. It is better that the hem was not great.

If desired, the skirt can be finished with lace or flounces.

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