Calculate the exact width of the plume so it does not get too low. If he comes out strongly flared, while walking would be to hang a skirt from the front. Select the product model suitable method: cutting the "sun" with a seam at the waist, or cut several wedges cut at the waist.
Do the cutting of the individual wedges. To do this, fabricate a fitting skirt out of paper or thin cloth. It should be broad enough to accurately determine the width of the plume. Make this sample different refiners.
Make the back width greater than the front to get the tilt of the skirt. Take a piece of fabric, calculate four of the wedge in front and six in back. If the waist line of the bodice front width is 44 cm, then each wedge has a width of 11 cm, as the front should be four wedge. If the width at the waist line the back of the unit is 36 cm, then each of the six wedges will be 6 see Below on the front line of all wedges should be of equal width.
Measure the minimum length for a train (20-30 cm). In order to correctly calculate, measure the skirt from waist to floor and add 50 cm, this will be the loop.
Do the drawings of one of the front and rear wedges of the skirt. On a large sheet of paper alternately apply the wedge of the front twice and three times, wedge the back. Make a drawing of the loop, then cut the wedges. Transfer each onto the fabric twice so that the lobe fabric thread took place exactly on the middle. Then all the wedges connect. Make a clasp at the back. From the same fabric pritchie a narrow belt in the waist cut. This type of model need to wear a petticoat, the width of which depends on the width of the main product.
Make a well in the bottom of the skirt the seams are slightly wider if the skirt is flared. If the product bottom is unnecessarily extended, the lower skirt needs to be slightly narrower to avoid any additional extensions.
Sew skirts cut "sun" from a fine, flying tissues. Determine the necessary rate of expansion. Make a drawing of the product, consisting of a single semicircle in the half waist girth. Draw a line plume oval. Follow the first pattern for the skirt length to the floor, and then add the necessary amount of plume.