You will need
  • - elastic band 60 cm;
  • - fabric (width 120 cm) 60 cm
It all starts with the measurement of man, which then will be wearing this beauty for yourself. Determine the length of the model, measure the distance from waist to bottom of hem. For example, it is equal to 40 cm, Determine the circumference of their hips. As always, our model was perfect - 90 cm needless to say that the waist circumference is also pleased with the standard of 60 cm
Remember the math. Determine the diameter of circle D along its length L. Using the formula L=πD where π=3.14 and L=90 cm, can easily determine that D is equal to approximately 29 see Make pattern on paper. Draw a semicircle with a diameter of 40+29+40=109, see In its center draw a smaller semicircle with a diameter of 29 cm, pattern ready.
The process of cutting depends on the width and quality of the material, as well as the length of the skirt. If the fabric does not stretch in any direction and does not shrink in the wash, you can sew with one seam. A small length of the model allows it. If there is the slightest suspicion that the skirt will warp shrinkage, divide the paper semicircle of radius exactly in half and cut out two items instead of one.
Find the middle of each paper sector and mark it with a pencil. This line should pass shared thread of tissue in the layout patterns. This rule must be observed for symmetry of the pattern. In addition, the fabric in an oblique direction will be secured by the joint and not pull.
Attach the paper patterns, moving from the edges and from each other at a distance of at least 2 cm circle them with chalk on the perimeter and cut out detail, deviating from the drawn line 1.5 cm (the seam). Finish the edges and sew the side seams.
Cut a 60 cm (waist circumference) wide decorative elastic. Connect the edges to form it a ring, and sew to the skirt. If you want to make a belt of the same fabric as the skirt, cut a strip with a length of 94 cm and width 8 cm Sew it into a ring and fold in half lengthwise. Work the edge of the future belt, and then sew to the skirt, leaving in one place a gap of about two centimeters. In the little hole enter with a pin ordinary rubber band width 1.5-2 cm, Adjust its length and tie the ends.
As such, the product needs to be washed and hung, not pressing, for the belt. This way, you again take precautions of warps of the fabric. For greater reliability can be evenly weighted hem extra weight. Skirt dry in shade, inside out. Dried, and ironed out the product line at the hem and tuck once, seam "zigzag", pre-treating the edge of the fabric.