You will need
  • A piece of fabric equal to the length of the skirt is multiplied by four, belt, frill, whose length should be twice the length of the skirt hem, fleece.
Tailoring Gypsy skirt consists of three main steps: taking measurements, cutting fabric and sewing. How to construct the skirt pattern, the sun, can be read online, below will be described the technology of tailoring Gypsy skirts.
Measure the waist, hips and desired length of skirt – these measurements are necessary to determine the size of the skirt.
Build your own or use the finished skirt pattern-the sun required size and lay it on the fabric. The fabric to reveal need to wash in warm water or to steam iron to avoid shrinkage of the finished product. Take two cloth skirts, ruffles and belt. When cutting, add in slices 1-1,5 cm for seam and hem the bottom.
Fold the details of the panels of the skirt facing inside, baste and sew the side seams, the edge seams sewn with a serger or stitching "zigzag", Ratatouille.
Store details ruffles face inwards, and sew the side seams. Detail ruffles probarte to the length of the skirt, and sew it to the bottom of the section. Edge seam sewn down and zautyuzhte. The lower part of the ruffles sewn and complete the hem of the bottom of the skirt.
Detail belt duplicate interlining, sew short sections, detail fold in half lengthwise, zautyuzhte allowances inside.
Attach the skirt to the waistband and sew, leaving uncovered a small section of the seam, through the zone of the elastic band, sew the open area of the seam.
The finished product Tutuila.