Pattern skirts

The drawing mini skirt with two flounces, it is necessary to measure:
− waist (FROM);
− hips (ABOUT);
− skirt length (DU).

To get accurate figures it is necessary to observe some rules. Make measurements with measuring tape. Waist tie cord, thus accurately marked, measure tightly clasping centimeter of the body, in clothing that will be worn skirt. Do not take measurements with yourself, ask someone to do it.

In the drawing the front fabric of the skirt fold the fabric face inside. In the top left corner put a point T, from it to the right, measure FROM¼, add 1 cm to freedom fit (WITH) – it will be T1. Down from the T put the width of the yoke – line primaqiune first shuttlecock – set B. From this point draw a line, measure it ABOUT ¼ + 5 cm and label B1.

Down from the T check the length of the skirt to point N, draw a line to the right, mark on it the width of the hem – H1. Connect the points T1, B1 and H1. Cutting the fabric along the lateral line, leaving a seam allowance. Cut along the line yoke. Rear cloth you cut it similarly, only the points T1, B1 and H1 lift up 1 cm up.

Construction drawing shuttlecock

Now take two flounce. You can make a pattern on the basis of the circle. The distance between the outer and inner circumference equal to the width of the flounce, plus allowance for ACC. The diameter of the small circle must not be less than 1/3 of the join line of the shuttlecock. Cutting ring along the radius, obtain a strip, which should be deployed so that the outer edge turned out the tails. In this cut obtained is extremely wasteful layout.

There is another way of creating a drawing of the Shuttle − spiral. First of all, describe a circle of diameter equal to half the width of the ruffles including seam allowance. At the center of the circle lay a horizontal line through points A and B. From point A with radius AB draw a semicircle BV. Then from the centre B with the radius of BV do a second semicircle of VG from the opposite side. Next round is GD describe again from the center And of radius equal to AG. DE guide a semi-circle from point B with radius BD and so on, until the desired length.

Sew the details on the skirt side seams expand and vsheyte first flounce. Fold the yoke and the lower part of the skirt face inwards, between them, insert the shuttlecock and prostrochite. The hem sew the second ruffle. Treat the seams, cut fold and ruffle hem. To the upper edge of the skirt sew the waistband and insert the elastic.