If you need to make a costume for Latinum, pick a top and short skirt. On skirt fragmentary, rear or at the sides, and Topstitch the ruffle or fringe, and more. Fringe on the skirt nastraivaet tiers horizontally or diagonally. You can combine a fringe of different colors, lengths and textures.
If you decided to make the skirt ruffle, measure the edge of the item to which you will sew the flounce. Write down the result. This length will be equal to the circumference of the inner circle of the flounce.
Do the math: the length of the edges of your skirts : of 6.28 = radius of the circle. Draw a circle with the obtained radius. Draw a second outer circle from the same center of the circle. Its radius add on so much what the width of the flounce you want to do. Cut out the outlines of the circles. Cut the part from the outer circumference to the inner.
If the edge of the skirt to which you will sew shuttlecock, will be long, the inner circle, draw a smaller radius. According to this pattern, cutting some of the frill and sew them together. So you will be able to flounce the necessary length.
Sew the flounce on the inner slice. To get more waves, do as little as possible the radius of the inner circle.You can narrow flounce to one end, then it will have an internal spiral slicer.
Remember when cutting out to make an increase on the seam 1 cm, but not more, otherwise you will get unwanted creases. When cutting watch the grain lines. If you need to save fabric, cut out the frills in the form of a snail.
If you are going to sew the flounces one above the other, the inner sections necessarily sewn. Shuttlecocks put face to face with the product and prostrochite, nadsekite allowances several times. Zautyuzhte flounce down.