You will need
  • - fatin of different density;
  • satin bases;
  • - silk ribbon;
  • - interlining;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads and needles.
In stores you can find cloth of different shades and textures. All kinds of tulle have in common - this matter is dense, well shaped, lightweight and inexpensive. You can choose Matt or shiny, plain or printed, very dense or soft, almost transparent. Sewing skirts are especially good moderately hard tulle with a subtle sheen and a variety of options with perforation, drawings, embroidery and coating. The product made of this fabric definitely will not go unnoticed.
Select the style of the future skirt. It can be lush and layered tutu fancy skirt made of long petals, the model with flounces or ruffles. The easiest way to make a tiered skirt on the basis of such a model is suitable for costume party, dance or formal dress.
Sheer medium hardness cutting into strips of a width of 15 cm Of soft tulle cut in a different shade of ribbon width 10 cm handle sections chiffon whipstitching. Connect the tape and prostrochite them in the middle. Then pull the yarn, forming ruffles.
In thick sateen with stretch make some rectangle - the yoke of the future skirt. For convenience, the yoke can be duplicated interlining. The billet should be slightly wider than the hips. Sostrochite side of the yoke, the upper part tuck, forming a drawstring. Vernite it satin ribbon to match or contrast colors, she will serve as a belt for the skirt, adjusting the width of the product.
Dense ruffles of tulle together and sew priamerica at the top. To the bottom of the ruffles pristrochite ruffles of soft tulle. Baste the ruffles to the yoke so that the upper tier was half covered bottom. Skirt length depends on the number of tiers.
You can make another version of the skirt - it will be very lush and bold. Of thick shiny satin're giving the skirt the desired length. The easiest way to sew a skirt from 4 wedges. At the waist it can be slightly prioraty and to sew the waistband from elastic tape.
Soft, fine tulle in tonal sateen make some squares of size 16 x 16 cm Tailor's chalk to mark the skirt, placing dots in a checkerboard pattern. The distance between them should be about 1-2 cm less Than the distance, the more volume you will have completed skirt.
Each square take area, prosobonia fingers in the form of "company" and sew on the intended location. Get an unusual "fluffy" skirt that resembles feathers. When you are done, carefully unfold the pieces of tulle.