You will need
  • Pencil, ruler, paper for patterns, scissors, pins, needle, thread, sewing machine, fabric, zipper, button
Build one-fourth of the pattern of the skirt. Measure with measuring tape the desired length of the skirt – the distance from the waist line to the knees or higher. Mark this distance on the paper (segment AB). From the point And put down 18-20 cm and right of this position, measure the distance equal to half of poluobhvat hips, plus 1 cm for a relaxed fit skirt (BB1). The same number of inches aside to the right from points A and B.
On the sides of the pattern do the tuck. The total width of the tucks must be equal to the difference between poluobhvat the hips and waist. Accordingly, the width of the side tuck is half of this difference. Put the number of centimeters from the point A1 to the left (G).
From point G draw a line to B1. Divide it in half, in place of dividing the set aside of 0.5 cm perpendicular to the right Connect G and B1 a smooth curved line through the point G1.
Put the distance equal to one quarter of poluobhvat hips minus 1.5 cm from point A and a parallel line down to the segment BB1. The width of the tuck, which is located in this place, for the rear of a panel is equal to one-third of the difference poluobhvat the hips and waist, and front cloth – one-sixth. Rounding out the line of Darts is the same as in the previous paragraph.
The length of the Darts on the back of the pattern does not reach the hip line 3 cm on the front – 6 cm.
Divide the distance from point A to the left edge of tuck in half and push down the parallel line, before reaching the edge of the hem 1.5-2 cm Do this with all the fragments of the skirt between the pleats.
How to sew <strong>skirt<b>Tulip</b></strong>
Take the paper of a larger size. Put it on a pattern. Spread the cut pattern pieces at the right distance – the more distance between them, the more extensive will the upper part of the skirt-Tulip. Draw the contours.
Transfer the pattern to the fabric, adding a seam. The distance between the resulting separated parts, mark on cloth tailor's chalk. When smachivanie this distance folds will fall under the belt, forming draping on the skirt-TulipE. Cutting zone, cut out two rectangular items of width 8 cm and a total length equal to the circumference of the waist.
Manually baste pieces of cloth together and sew the belt, adjust the bottom edge of the canvas. Side sew the zipper to the belt and attach the hooks or button. Then try on the skirt and if the fit suits you, stitch all the seams on the machine.