You will need
  • Elastic fabric, sewing supplies.
When sewing clothes for Latinum consider the international rules for ballroom costumes: competitive dress must be without decorations (stones, sequins, feathers are not allowed). The material is recommended to use any texture except metalitalia; tone and color may be any except Nude. Underwear should match the color of the dress. The use of combinations of materials lace, appliques, fringe. Choose from elastic, bright fabrics.
The first, easiest option — ready swimsuit closed, top, body, complemented by a full skirt. The skirt is adorn with lace, ruffles, fringe. Topstitch the tiers of the finished part or sew them by hand (it is easier to adjust lift and volume). Look beautiful tiered ruffles, which in the movement of the dancer creates a dynamic effect.
Make the calculation for sewing. The radius of the ball equal to the length edges of the skirt, for example, seven inches. Draw the first circle of chosen radius from the center of put vector with the addition of the width of the flounce. Cut out the outline of the circles cut detail, moving from the outer to the inner circle. Cutting some of the frill, sew them and attach to the skirt, baste.
Adjust the amount of ruffles using the decrease or increase of the radius of the inner circle. If you narrow the shuttlecock to one end, you will receive an original spiral decoration of the bottom of the dress. Keep in mind when cutting allowances for seams: no more than one centimeter; the location of the fabric on equity direction.
Use scraps of bright fabric, vykraivaya shuttlecocks in the form of a snail. The resulting ruffle fold face to the bottom of the dress, stitch, nadsekite allowances neatly. Treat the inner slices of the frills; zautyuzhte, a little stretching on the bias.
The air looks original and dress with fringe to match. Ready swimsuit closed panel silk fringed with long tips. Start fastening from the waist, attaching the lace tiers of the spiral. This job will take you no more than one hour and enjoy extraordinary dresses for Latinum will be incomparable.