Advice 1: How to sew a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts never go out of fashion for several decades, and regularly appear in collections of famous fashion houses such as Hermes, Valentino, Dior, Armani, Stella McCartney and MaxMara. To buy a fashionable skirt pleated Haute couture not many people can afford, but to sew her together, even a beginner needlewoman, with the basic skills in sewing.
How to sew a pleated skirt

Pleated fabric with your hands

The fabric stores now you can buy a ready-made pleating, but often the quality of the material leaves much to be desired, so make pleats-pleated his hands on an old recipe. This fabric holds its shape better.

Calculate the necessary amount of fabric for sewing a pleated skirt. Measure around your hips and multiply this number by 3. For example, the winner of the thighs, the circumference of which is equal to 90 cm required width of 2.70 m. Since the usual width of material 1 m 50 cm, therefore it is necessary to buy a piece equal to two lengths of future products, plus 10 cm allowances for seams and waistband. So for making pleated skirts with a length of 60 cm will need 1 m 30 cm cloth.

In addition to the material you will need:
- 2 sheets of drawing paper;
- the range;
- threads;
- needles;
- scissors;
- wide elastic braid;
- sewing machine;
- iron
- gauze;
- vinegar.

The technology of manufacturing pleated

Make a template. Fold 2 sheets of drawing paper and mark the width of the folds throughout the length of the paper on both sides. In the marked places pierce both paper.

Attach to the layout line and draw a line blunt scissors to stay clear of the line. Them fold both sheets accordion. Slightly stretch the sheets and put them on top of each other, aligning the folds. Giving everything some goods and iron through cheesecloth.

Between the resulting shapes put a piece of cloth. To the canvas is not moved out, the edges of cut pins. Iron through a damp cheesecloth and leave for a few hours to dry. Carefully remove the paper templates. Baste the pleats pleated.

Make fixative solution. Dissolve soap in warm water and add a spoon of vinegar. Soak in a solution of gauze and iron it through the cloth. Repeat the procedure several times to make the folds was more clear.

Sewing a pleated skirt

Sew pleated detail in one panel so that the seams were in the inner folds of the pleats. Treat the seams on the serger.

Will have plenty of detail for belt length equal to the circumference of the waist and a width equal to the amount of elastic tape, multiplied by 2, plus 2 cm for seams. Detail belt fold across in half and proutyuzhte. Paste the elastic band and sew the edges of the belt.

Top the side skirts attach to the cut and baste belt, gently spreading the folds. Pristrochite belt on the sewing machine.

Remove the basting that holds the pleats. The lower edge of the skirt treat overlong seam. Fold inside out 1 time and route line at a distance of 2 mm from the edge.

Again baste the folds of the skirt and proutyuzhte all through the gauze soaked in the solution. Undo remove.

Advice 2: What to wear with long pleated skirt

Long skirt– very feminine and elegant piece. Recently, the ankle-length and below enjoys great popularity among fashionistas. Special accommodations have stylish girls won the pleated skirt to the floor.
What to wear with long pleated skirt

Pleated skirt: features stylish things

Pleated looks very romantic and unusual. Narrow vertical folds give the skirt a striking and unusual appearance. Using such products is easy to create casual, formal and feminine.

Pleated skirts in different materials perform. They are made out of chiffon, silk, satin, cotton fine dressing. There are also more "difficult" specimens of leather, suede or velvet.

Pleated (pleats) may vary in width. The skirts are both plain and patterned. The latter, due to the vertical folds, looks very impressive. Some designers even create unusual visual effects, based on the fact that when the pleated "stretched". In the result, the print comes alive.

It should be noted that long pleated skirt perfect for girls with any shape. The folds in this case does not give extra volume, and visually stretched silhouette. Because of this you will look slimmer and taller. Especially if I selected the right complementary elements.

What to wear long skirt pleated

Long pleated skirt allows you to create many elegant and beautiful images. Such clothing will make you feel like a real woman. You are guaranteed to catch a lot of admiring and interested male glances.

The easiest way of combination is to wear a pleated skirt with a cotton or knit top. Please note: t-shirt will look great won. Best case: tank top with thin spaghetti straps. You can select a simple product, as a thing with a bold lace trim or embroidery near neckline.

If you prefer products with closed shoulders, please note t-shirts are made of guipure. This combination will look very feminine and festive. In the absence of a lining, on top you can wear a jacket of classic style. The product is made of cotton suitable for output, and denim – on every day.

The pleated skirt goes well with things business style. Wear a shirt in slubbed cotton or chiffon, buttoned it under her throat. On top of use the jacket. Be careful: the length should reach just to the waist of the skirt. Add the image Shine by using beautiful necklace, wearing it under the collar.

Long skirt pleated is a great choice in cool days. In bad weather, wear it with a plain simple sweater. The most impressive look of the product with a relief pattern: braids, pinecones, honeycombs, etc. If the sweater is long, tuck it into a skirt, and just grab the thin belt on the waist. Please note: if there are no gates, under a pullover you can wear a shirt.

Wear long, pleated skirt and jackets. The best option – short of the model of suede and leather. Under the clothing, wear a simple shirt/top or a beautiful blouse. Optional accessories: a neck scarf, a delicate suspension, gloves, clutch. Also pleated skirt suit longline fur vest complemented by a wide/narrow belt.

Advice 3: How to sew a skirt from Jersey

Knitted fabric is prized due to its softness and, of course, the convenience made things. However, such clothing can be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Choosing pleated Jersey, you will be able to sew a graceful skirt-Maxi, which will make your look elegant and sophisticated.
How to sew a skirt from Jersey
You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - scissors;
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - a sewing machine.
Select the fabric for the skirt. This model will fit pleated or corrugated knitwear of any color. Elasticity and features of this draping fabric on the figure allow you to use a very simple skirt pattern.
Construct pattern on paper. To do this, remove the three measurements – waist, hip and length of the product. Attract attendant to more accurately determine these parameters. The measuring tape need to be applied freely, without tightening and preventing its sagging. Length measure from the waist and to the floor.
Taking into account the obtained measurements draw a pattern in the form of a trapezoid. The hem from the hip line to the floor can be left straight or slightly extended. If you make the skirt fairly narrow, provide the slot for free movement. Make it side or rear center, up to the knee.
Draw the pattern of the skirt. Its width depends on your preference and the length will exceed the waist circumference of 3 cm Fabric for the belt should be the same color and density as the material for the skirt but not pleated.
Add to all sides of the patterns 2 cm of the seam. Cut out the pattern and apply it to the fabric. Be careful when cutting out the skirt ensure that the folds of the pleated material is not stretched and not expanded.
Cutting out the details of the skirt, proceed to its collection. Treat on the lines of the underside of the hem and vent. Insert the rear panel zipper. Manually sew the side parts connecting them. Sew to the skirt waistband so that the ends of it were on the back zipper. Provide a belt fastener of the hook.
Duplicating all the seams on the sewing machine. To maintain the elasticity of the material, select the line "zigzag".
Useful advice
Pleating on fabric can be done independently. For this width of the cut should be three times larger than the final width of the skirt. All the folds are laid manually and processed with a solution-fixer. However, such folds will straighten out after a few washings, in contrast to high-quality factory material.

Advice 4: How to sew a full skirt for girl

Every little girl wants to feel like a Princess, and if her mom can sew, she can give her the opportunity, made lush and elegant skirt, which will not stand no child. This skirt is sewn of several layers and decorated with lush ruffles, and is best suited for her light and airy fabric, for example nylon or chiffon. During the evening you will be able to sew for my daughter Royal outfit.
How to sew a full skirt for girl
Fold the fabric four times, and then secure it pre-cut from paper or cardboard pattern of the tier, laying out patterns on length of fabric. Holding patterns, trace them onto the fabric and then cut the desired number of strips for the upper tier. Then cut strips for the bottom layer and Ruche and ruffles. Strips for each layer roll up into a roll and place on Desk.
Separately from crepe-satin take a strip of fabric for the yoke. Cut two of the same parts of the fabric to glue and strengthen the yoke, adding to its length of 5 cm. Glue the yoke by means of an iron at the long sides, the top and bottom lines. Now go directly to sewing skirts.
Sew the yoke in a ring, leaving a small slit to insert the elastic. Then measure from the middle of the short side of the yoke 3 cm in each direction and make small marks. Route between labels seam and otutyuzhte it. Fold the yoke in half, right side out, align and prostrochite, departing from the fold 3 cm, then make a second line at 5 mm from the previous one. Iron the yoke.
Take a strip of chiffon or organza, which you have prepared for the frills, and make it the pleating with the help of a special foot to build, or manually. Ssuite strips and proburivaja them until you get two long ruffles of the same length.
Strip for the top tier, sew together, then close them in a ring, leaving a small seam allowance of 3-5 cm and Then do the same with the bottom and sew to the bottom edge of the lower tier one of pleated ruffles.
Sew the ruff to the bottom tier of face overlap. The remaining free edge of the bottom layer do with legs small Assembly, then sew together the upper and lower tiers, making the seam allowance to 5 mm.
Sew between the layers of finishing tape, and on the edge of the upper layer, as in the previous case, let a small Assembly. Sew the edge of the top layer with the outer edge of the yoke. To the inner edge of the yoke and then sew the fabric lower skirts.
The edges of the yoke zigzag or overlock, connecting the upper and lower skirt together. Insert into the stitching at yoke elastic, and then sew to the belt decorative ribbon and tie it to the bow. Skirt ready.

Advice 5: How to sew a skirt for dancing

In most dance skirt is an indispensable element of the female costume, especially when it comes to flamenco dance. Beautiful waving skirt emphasizes the elegance and femininity of the dancefocuses on the movements of the dancers, helps to create a certain atmosphere on stage. No skirts, no cost, no dance routine and no exercise. To sew a flamencoskirt you can own, selecting the appropriate style.
How to sew a skirt for dancing
Regardless of whether you are sewing a skirt of ruffles or wedges, it must meet several requirements – the skirt should be long, wide, and accentuate the hips.
The easiest option dance skirt – this skirt is gathered from the ruffles. This skirt will easily sew even a beginner seamstress. For this skirt you will need the fabric that you cut into strips with a width of 15-20 cm From a different cloth vykroyte belt-yoke width of 20 cm to the yoke fit better on the figure, sew it out of stretchy knit.
Calculate the length of the first ruffle of the skirt, multiply the waist circumference in centimeters by 1.5 or 2. To determine the length of the following ruffles, multiply by 1.5 or 2 the length of the previous ruffles; and the same principle calculate the length of all the other frills.
On each make easy ruffle pleating, and then sew it into a ring. Sew to the bottom part of the finished ruffles new, previously terminating at its upper edge pleating. To make the skirt look more original, you can make some ruffles of lace or fabric of a different color.
You can also sew a skirt a more complex cut – flared skirt to the yoke. The width of the line click at your own discretion – it could be "bell", "sun" or "double sun". For sewing this skirt, as for the previous one, no need to build the pattern – it is marked directly on the fabric.
To skirt the "bell" you need a smooth half-circle cut from fabric – in this case the skirt will be one seam. Separately take the yoke, on the basis of the height of the hip line and waist circumference.

Advice 6: How to sew a mermaid tail

If the child needs to be at the carnival in the costume of the little mermaid, and my mother knows how to sew, it can easily cope with the task, but the hardest part of this costume is the tail. It is necessary to construct so that it is not shy was convenient and easy. So much sause the skirt and sew it to the fins — is unwise and, I guess, just for the photo shoot.
sew mermaid tail
This tail is not tangled legs and the child is able to move freely, stitch it in the following way.
To start, sew the skirt. The skirt should be straight, and at the rear seam it is better to insert the wedge, which will ensure freedom of movement.
Put on a skirt, attach it to the wedge tail.

The tail is made from foam, preferably thinner. Then sheathed with fabric.
The tail should not touch the floor, otherwise the child will just step on it.

It is best to use for a suit of green, blue-green cloth or fabric, moss green on the tail you can wear a beautiful openwork mesh.
Also for decoration of the tail using a different bead, that simulates scales.

The main thing — not to go far in this costume.
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