Pleated fabric with your hands

The fabric stores now you can buy a ready-made pleating, but often the quality of the material leaves much to be desired, so make pleats-pleated his hands on an old recipe. This fabric holds its shape better.

Calculate the necessary amount of fabric for sewing a pleated skirt. Measure around your hips and multiply this number by 3. For example, the winner of the thighs, the circumference of which is equal to 90 cm required width of 2.70 m. Since the usual width of material 1 m 50 cm, therefore it is necessary to buy a piece equal to two lengths of future products, plus 10 cm allowances for seams and waistband. So for making pleated skirts with a length of 60 cm will need 1 m 30 cm cloth.

In addition to the material you will need:
- 2 sheets of drawing paper;
- the range;
- threads;
- needles;
- scissors;
- wide elastic braid;
- sewing machine;
- iron
- gauze;
- vinegar.

The technology of manufacturing pleated

Make a template. Fold 2 sheets of drawing paper and mark the width of the folds throughout the length of the paper on both sides. In the marked places pierce both paper.

Attach to the layout line and draw a line blunt scissors to stay clear of the line. Them fold both sheets accordion. Slightly stretch the sheets and put them on top of each other, aligning the folds. Giving everything some goods and iron through cheesecloth.

Between the resulting shapes put a piece of cloth. To the canvas is not moved out, the edges of cut pins. Iron through a damp cheesecloth and leave for a few hours to dry. Carefully remove the paper templates. Baste the pleats pleated.

Make fixative solution. Dissolve soap in warm water and add a spoon of vinegar. Soak in a solution of gauze and iron it through the cloth. Repeat the procedure several times to make the folds was more clear.

Sewing a pleated skirt

Sew pleated detail in one panel so that the seams were in the inner folds of the pleats. Treat the seams on the serger.

Will have plenty of detail for belt length equal to the circumference of the waist and a width equal to the amount of elastic tape, multiplied by 2, plus 2 cm for seams. Detail belt fold across in half and proutyuzhte. Paste the elastic band and sew the edges of the belt.

Top the side skirts attach to the cut and baste belt, gently spreading the folds. Pristrochite belt on the sewing machine.

Remove the basting that holds the pleats. The lower edge of the skirt treat overlong seam. Fold inside out 1 time and route line at a distance of 2 mm from the edge.

Again baste the folds of the skirt and proutyuzhte all through the gauze soaked in the solution. Undo remove.