You will need
  • - Pants;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - a piece of cloth.
Take pantsthat you would like to sew a skirt. It may be outmoded styles or jeans, the pants that you are wearing and throw them away, or simply worn out places and worn pants.
Cut the pants to the length you want to skirt. Strut interior seams of both legs. The side seams of the legs to strut it should not, because they will serve the same skirt seams.
Sew on the sewing machine between the two front parts of the legs ripped. Do the same with the two rear parts. Thus, you have a skirt with four seams: two side, front and rear. To hide the front seam, decorate it. These can be buttons, embroidery, ribbons, lace, etc.
There is another, more laborious method of altering the pants to a skirt. Carefully cut the top of the pants, which later becomes the yoke of the skirt. The edges of the cut out on the yoke with overlock stitching or replacing it.
Prepare a piece of cloth, which, in your opinion, suitable in color to the yoke. He will continue to serve as a flounce skirt. This piece in width should be half an inch wider than the yoke, the length of the future shuttlecock define themselves. If you want to sew a short skirt, prepare one piece of fabric. For long skirts, prepare three future Shuttle, the width of the subsequent flounce should be twenty inches more than the previous.
Treat upper cut edge that will be sewn to the yoke with a serger or stitching to replace it. Then a seam "forward a needle" keen, the top of the flounce, gather in pleats, gently tightening the thread with which you made the outline. Folds evenly. Ensure that received, in the end, a circle of shuttlecock, coincide with the circumference of the yoke.
Remove the yoke and flounce on the wrong side and sew both parts to each other on the sewing machine. The seam turned out neat and part of the product SSRIs between them smoothly, before you sew them by machine, baste the frill to the yoke with a needle and thread. Gently treat the bottom edge. You have a short skirt. If you want to sew a long skirt, follow the same steps with the next two ruffles.
Skirt this style looks great when the yoke is made of jeans, and the ruffles matched in tone or made of a material of pastel shades.