You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
There are three types of power of attorney. Single – allows you to run an errand, when its validity period ends. Special – gives the right to perform certain assignments, her term also ends after the list of instructions is exhausted. Power of attorney entitles the Trustee to perform the Trustee for any legal actions within three years.
Any attorney can prematurely cancel. To do this the Trustee has the right, turning to the notary and the notary notifying the Trustee in writing. The Trustee has the full right to refuse to perform their duties, to return to the notary a power of attorney and notify the beneficiary about the cancellation of their powers.
If the Trustee or the Trustee notice of attorney errors, inaccuracies or incorrect information, they are required to apply to the notary at the place of registration of the document to provide proof of correct information and write the application on introducing changes and holding accurate records.
Minor inaccuracies, mistakes made by the notary, the notary corrects himself, holds strikethrough one couple to all of the records easily readable, puts his signature, seal and resolution "corrected to believe". If errors or inaccuracies are many, the notary issues a new document, incorrect authorization destroys. Service to correct errors made by the notary, is absolutely free.
If the Trustee or a Trustee plan to change the terms, orders, and other legal information in the proxy, they are obliged to go to the notary with your passport, a statement, to pay the state fee for the provided service. The notary will issue a new document. To make corrections, changes, additions to obtained a power of attorney is impossible.
To correct any data inaccuracies in a canceled power of attorney or the document expired impossible.