Advice 1: How to plant pine tree

Pine can surely be called one of the most unpretentious plants, adapted to existence in conditions of different climate zones. Today, wild beauty can be seen in many backyards – it is the perfect addition to any landscape, towering among the ornamental shrubs and hedges.
Pine is easily accepted and begins to grow on any soil. This tree is excellent feeling on the area, even without the intervention of man, and he doesn't need any feeding, frequent watering and mulching the soil. Forest beauty is not so terrible and plants-pests and various fungal diseases. The only thing that is required from the owner of the site is to make the right planting young pine.

Planting pine trees on a plot

When planting pine trees on his plot must consider one important point – the tree grows well only in their native soil. In other words – to dig up a pine tree with some land, in which was the formation of its root system. If the tree was purchased in one of the garden centers, it is necessary to plant with a clod of earth from the pot.

To produce a planting of pines preferably in the spring (late April-early may) or early autumn (September – early October). It should also be noted that without the earth the root system of this plant can live only a very short time – a maximum of 15 minutes. If the soil in which the planted pine, contains in its composition a large percentage of black soil or clay at the bottom of the planting hole should pour gravel or sand. As a kind of drainage pillow you can use finely crushed brick.

The planting hole can be of different depths – it all depends on the size of the trees. For example, if the height of the pine is 30-40 cm, the hole should be dig to a depth of 50-60 cm drainage Layer is of the order of 10 cm Important: when landing in any case can not be covered with soil root neck of a plant (zone of transition of the stem to the root).

After a young pine planted, the soil around it can be decorated with pebbles or small decorative stone. The roots must obtain sufficient water, so it is important not to overdo it with this kind of decor.

The species of pine

In the world there are many species of pine, however, on private land, in addition to ordinary, mostly planted pine and mountain only. Planting methods of these types are virtually identical.

Cedar pine is remarkable in that it reaches a truly gigantic size, however, grows very long. To form a crown of this plant is not necessary, because it develops very evenly. Needles of stone pine stays green throughout the year.

Mountain pine also grows quite long, but unlike smooth cedar, this tree can take the form of a small, quaint tree or large shrub.

Advice 2: How to plant cedar

Few nature-lovers can boast that their garden grows real cedar. Several species of these beautiful coniferous trees the most famous Lebanese cedardepicted on the national flag of Lebanon. Being heat-loving plant that cedar is unable to survive the harsh climatic conditions of Russia. The so-called Siberian cedar is actually a kind cedarroom pine. Is it possible to grow cedarowou pine under his window?
How to plant cedar
You will need
  • Potassium permanganate in solution, peat, sand, pine nuts, a box of wood
To grow cedar in your garden plot you are quite capable. Main thing is to choose and properly prepare the seeds.
In nature, the Siberian cedar can reach a considerable size – more than forty meters in height. The life expectancy of these trees over three hundred years. Crown dense, broad and has a luxurious volume. Cedar pine are easy to identify on needles collected on five pieces per bundle.
The best place for the growth of the cedarroom of pine is slightly shaded area. Strict requirements for soil quality no. It should be borne in mind that cedar does not tolerate stagnant water, so it is desirable that the soil is well was leaking water. And the rest of the Siberian cedarpine new undemanding, tolerate harsh winter conditions.
For planting the cedarroom pine you will need cedarnew nuts. You can buy them on the market. Hot and obsushennye nuts are not suitable. High-quality material has a pleasant smell, has no signs of mold.
Seeds should in a few hours to hold in the solution of potassium permanganate for etching. This treatment will help to prevent the development of certain diseases.
For three days, soak the nuts in water. Change the water daily is recommended. After that, the water should be drained and mix planting material with peat (and will fit well washed sand).
The thus prepared mixture is slightly wet, then place it in a wooden box. To ensure air flow on the sides of the box pre-make small holes. Every three weeks the seeds should be moistened. Storage drawer suitable cellar or a regular refrigerator.
Full maturation of the nuts will require a few months. The seed development is well under high humidity and fairly low temperatures. So you can sow nuts already before the beginning of winter directly into the prepared garden bed.
Remember that cedar islike pine does not tolerate fresh organic fertilizer, but tolerates transplanting. Be patient and you will be able to appreciate the beauty and charm of the Siberian beauties. Practice shows that the Siberian cedar islike pine great root in all regions of our country, including the suburbs.
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