Advice 1: How to transplant pine or spruce

Some gardeners or owners of country houses often try to plant in the garden a pine tree or spruce, but either do not know how to do it, or doing it wrong. Therefore, they need detailed guidance on transplanting of these trees and the features of this process.
How to transplant pine or spruce

Transplanting pine and spruce

Transplant all conifers, including spruce and pine, preferably in the spring season from mid April to early may. This is because their survival rate is lower than in flowering plants (Linden, oak, ash), and the roots grow much slower and require the development of the warm period. Pine and spruce can be transplanted into end-of-summer time, however you need to be sure that the seedlings from the container, the roots of which do not have severe damage.

End-of-summer period, in which you can transplant conifers, is the time from 20 August to 20 September.

In the hole intended for transplantation pine or fir, you need to sprinkle a little soil from the woods where they grow trees. It contains a fungus that forms a vital symbiosis with the roots of conifers and help them develop, grow and strengthen. In normal soil, the seedlings will sprout, but will quickly die without this fungus. In addition to forest soils, also in a hole, you can add a small amount of fertilizer for coniferous plants. Soil much soil is undesirable.

Features transplant pine and spruce

If seedlings of pine or spruce are transferred to the light phase of the dark forest, they must temporarily obscure that they are not burned in the spring sunshine. This is perfect hat which can be made from large bags which keep the flour or sugar. Also for replanting of pine seedlings in the fall to select a specimen height of 30 to 40 centimeters, although larger seedlings (about a meter) will also hold.

The seedlings of pine and spruce should Saatli in a clod the size of a bucket and watered in a drought until, until they get stronger.

To keep the main tap root of pine tree, not by cutting it by digging, it is best to transplant the little seedlings. To slow the growth of pine and the regulation of its height this root before planting to tie a weak knot and the crown of the trees to form a round ball. This is done each spring green growth at the ends of branches to break down below the branches fluffed out to the sides. This pine looks very nice and decorative.

In addition, when transplanting pines and firs should be planted two year old seedlings, because three year olds are pretty bad root. They need to dig in early spring with a big lump of earth, being careful not to expose the roots.

Advice 2: How to transplant a pine tree

Transplanting pine trees, as well as any other wood connected with the many small troubles. You must know these points in order to quickly produce a transplant, without unnecessary complications for you and the tree. Depending on the size of a tree, the process will vary.
How to transplant a pine tree
Draw a circle on the ground equal to the diameter of the pine in height. This method is suitable for relatively small trees (to five metres). Outlining the circle, make sure you do not run into the masonry or other foreign objects.
Start to dig up the soil in a circle. If the soil allows, you can just go along the circle and a shovel to throw the earth away from the pine. Try to dig up evenly and not get carried away.
If you have any difficulties when digging, try to leave under the tree. This means that you need to dig in the form of an inverted pyramid, leaving the shovel deep into the earth, towards pine. If the tree is small, you are unlikely to meet the roots. If you still stumbled on the rhizome, do not cut it. Like any other small plant, pine is very sharply reacts to any damage and can just simply not settle down in a new place.
Raise the excavated plant under the tip of the barrel. Be careful when transporting the tree to a new location, do not attempt to drag the branches, or the tip of pine. If another instance was too heavy, drag it on a thick cloth, and have her move to a new location.
Granulate the ground around a large tree. If you want to move a large pine tree in a different place, you'll need special equipment. The drill or earth drill you perfect. Don't be afraid to touch the crust, as in other ways to dig a tree you will not succeed.
Tie the tree as high as possible to the top. The other side of the easiest thing to fix on the car and thus pull the barrel.
Cut off the bottom and withering branches of the tree. The loss of most of the roots, one way or another, affect the development of the tree. So better to cut off that part of the branches, which will still die.
How should kopite pine in a new place. If you make poor transplant, it may fall, not only completely lost the chances of engraftment in a new place, but also bringing new troubles.
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