You will need
  • Potassium permanganate in solution, peat, sand, pine nuts, a box of wood
To grow cedar in your garden plot you are quite capable. Main thing is to choose and properly prepare the seeds.
In nature, the Siberian cedar can reach a considerable size – more than forty meters in height. The life expectancy of these trees over three hundred years. Crown dense, broad and has a luxurious volume. Cedar pine are easy to identify on needles collected on five pieces per bundle.
The best place for the growth of the cedarroom of pine is slightly shaded area. Strict requirements for soil quality no. It should be borne in mind that cedar does not tolerate stagnant water, so it is desirable that the soil is well was leaking water. And the rest of the Siberian cedarpine new undemanding, tolerate harsh winter conditions.
For planting the cedarroom pine you will need cedarnew nuts. You can buy them on the market. Hot and obsushennye nuts are not suitable. High-quality material has a pleasant smell, has no signs of mold.
Seeds should in a few hours to hold in the solution of potassium permanganate for etching. This treatment will help to prevent the development of certain diseases.
For three days, soak the nuts in water. Change the water daily is recommended. After that, the water should be drained and mix planting material with peat (and will fit well washed sand).
The thus prepared mixture is slightly wet, then place it in a wooden box. To ensure air flow on the sides of the box pre-make small holes. Every three weeks the seeds should be moistened. Storage drawer suitable cellar or a regular refrigerator.
Full maturation of the nuts will require a few months. The seed development is well under high humidity and fairly low temperatures. So you can sow nuts already before the beginning of winter directly into the prepared garden bed.
Remember that cedar islike pine does not tolerate fresh organic fertilizer, but tolerates transplanting. Be patient and you will be able to appreciate the beauty and charm of the Siberian beauties. Practice shows that the Siberian cedar islike pine great root in all regions of our country, including the suburbs.