No need to think that in order to grow a pine tree on his own land, enough to bring a sapling from the woods, stick it in the ground and do nothing else. This tree is doomed to death, and if they survive, then he is not the best. Though pine is normal for our climate zone the tree in the garden it requires special care for themselves.
Before you buy a seedling, select a place to land. Remember, pine is a photophilous plant. If you have ever been in a pine forest, you have probably seen, as trees seek the light, and how deplorable are the parts of the trunk, remaining in the shadows. When the place is found, dig a hole two times larger than the root container. Pour on the bottom of the drainage, fill the hole with soil substrate and plant the seedling. The smaller the tree, the higher its chances of surviving. Liberally pour the soil and sprinkle the top with sawdust or peat litter. This will help to preserve moisture, and decaying organic matter gradually will become an excellent fertilizer for the baby.
In the early years, while pine has not entered into force, and try to protect it from severe frost and scorching sun. Do not fill the root system of the tree, periodically fertilize plant growth stimulants, sold in garden centers. And to pine remained nice and neat, you will need to periodically prune its crown.
Every spring pine will be to throw a kind of candle, from which grow new branches. Without excessive pity prorostki cut, leaving stumps with a size of 2-5 cm at First sheared pine will not look very nice, but after a week or two candle stumps will let the side branches, and pine will begin to develop a nice neat chart. But never cut the needles from the pine trees, on the branches of the remaining part of the needles turn yellow and spoil the look of the wood.
Periodically obrushivaet crown water. Pine, like small rain, after which they look brighter and more beautiful.