Go into the woods in late autumn or early spring and gather up the cones. If wandering through the woods you don't want or simply not nearby, take a trip to the nursery and buy seeds of coniferous trees.
If you are going to still go for the buds that bring the capacity to gain land. Coniferous trees grow well in soil that has been typed about adults spruces or pines. Not to say that the tree will not grow and purchase the land. Purchase one that is rich in minerals and lightweight.
Soak the cones for a day in warm water so that the seeds are swelling a little. Coniferous trees and so germinate long enough, and if the seeds are prepared, the seedlings can not wait.
Prepare a flower pot for planting green friend: put on the bottom of the drainage and fill with soil. Plug shallow bumps in the ground, pour water and cover the planting with plastic wrap.
Seeds will germinate in about 2-3 months, maybe a little later. Do not forget to regularly water the ground. When you see a young tree, orosite it from a spray bottle every day, and make watering every 1-2 weeks.
If you do not grow, do not despair. Dig very young tree in the forest and plant it in a pot. If it is a success, then very soon you will have a small tree.
To conifer not yellowing, put the flower pot away from direct sunlight. Follow and moist soil, do not put the plant or it will die.
The formation of the crown produce not earlier than 2 years after planting. But be careful, after pruning branches of the tree may begin to hurt.
If for some reason you have decided to transplant the tree outdoors, do it very early in the spring, so it stuck. On the street pine tree can grow large in size and in the home - not more than 1 meter in height.